MOVR Transparency Commitment

Updated June 6, 2022

The Moonbeam Foundation (“Foundation”) is committed to the longevity, development, and security of the Moonbeam network. We recognize that transparency is core to the sustainable success of the network. As part of this commitment to transparency, we are providing the community the following information on the Foundation’s token holdings, the Foundation token actions to date and token supply.

Foundation Objectives & Statement of Use

The Moonbeam Foundation plans to use tokens under the Foundation control to help ensure the following three immediate strategic goals: (i) parachain sustainability, (ii) security and protocol development, and (iii) grants and ecosystem development.

(i) Parachain sustainability: the Foundation will use tokens from the “Community Initiatives and Parachain Slot Reserve” allocation and the “Parachain Bond Reserve” allocation to help ensure that Moonriver maintains its parachain slot on the Kusama network. Ultimately the Moonriver network needs to acquire enough KSM to remain in a parachain slot in perpetuity. On March 6th 2022, Moonriver won the [27th] Kusama auction for a lease period 20-27. The Moonbeam Foundation self funded this auction through KSM acquired by liquidating approximately 20,000 MOVR from the “Community Initiatives and Parachain Slot Reserve” allocation. For more information on the Moonriver 2022 slot renewal please see below in the Token Release section on “Community Initiatives and Parachain Slot Reserve” allocation and this announcement.

(ii) Security and protocol development: the Foundation will use tokens from “Long-Term Network Stewardship and Adoption” for a variety of initiatives that help ensure network security and that help drive the network’s long-term utility. These include using the Foundation’s token supply to support security audits, core protocol development, integration and testing of parachains and remote chains, infrastructure related test and integration environments, public RPC endpoint services, block explorers, developer support, education, and documentation, etc. Currently, the Foundation selects teams to perform the majority of services listed above. The Foundation will continue to operate its Grant Program and welcomes teams that can provide these kinds of services to apply.

(iii) Grants and ecosystem development: the Foundation will use tokens from the “Developer Adoption Program”, “Community Initiatives and Parachain Slot Reserve” and the “Long-Term Network and Stewardship & Adoption” allocations to continue to attract cutting-edge teams and builders to Moonriver through cash or token grants, competitions, and programs. In addition, the Foundation will assist in ecosystem development by supporting teams with liquidity and through user-adoption initiatives. Selection for these initiatives will be based upon a myriad of factors including the team’s technical capabilities, their product innovation, and market sentiment.

In order to achieve these stated objectives:

  • The Foundation may re-balance Foundation-controlled accounts from time to time, creating new addresses or removing old addresses. Any update to account addresses will be reflected below in order to ensure transparency.
  • The Foundation may liquidate MOVR from time to time to be able to pay expenses that cannot be paid in MOVR. Liquidations could cover expenses ranging from service contracts that require stablecoin payments to accumulating KSM for parachain sustainability purposes as described above. When undertaking these activities the Foundation will strictly adhere to the following Structured Selling Guidelines:
    • The seller only makes offers above market price, and doesn’t sell into bids.
    • Daily sales remain materially below a fixed amount set based on medium term volumes, and with the constraint of remaining below 5% of estimated real market volume on any given day.

Addresses Under Foundation Control

Correction notice: MOVR genesis addresses updated on April 6, 2022. GLMR genesis addresses were previously shown.

The Foundation has published below the addresses of the tokens held under Foundation control for the community to monitor.


Protocol Controlled Addresses

These addresses contain tokens which are distributed by the protocol.



State of Supply as of February 28, 2022

Circulating Supply: 3,242,496 MOVR
Total Supply: 10,273,783 MOVR
Net Inflation: 273,783 MOVR
Burnt Fees: 5,243 MOVR

Approx. 32% of the total supply was circulating as of Feb. 28th, 2022, including inflationary protocol rewards, Moonriver Crowdloan 2021 rewards, grants awarded to development teams, liquidity incentives and tokens released for broader long-term network adoption.

Since the launch of the network, approximately 195k Moonriver tokens have been distributed to collators and delegators in the form of inflationary protocol rewards consistent with MOVR’s inflation model. Collators and delegators are integral to the security and sustained operation of the network and, as such, earn 1% and 2.5%, respectively, of the supply’s 5% annual inflation rate for their network contributions.
To ensure long-term parachain sustainability, a portion of Moonriver supply inflation (1.5%) is also designated to the parachain bond reserve to ultimately secure a Kusama parachain slot in perpetuity. The parachain bond reserve has grown by approximately 83k MOVR to 133k MOVR since the launch of the network via its proportionate share of supply inflation.

In line with MOVR’s token economic model, approximately 80% of transaction fees related to smart contract execution are burned and removed from token supply. The other 20% of transaction fees is allocated to the protocol-controlled treasury. Transaction fees encompass both EVM and Substrate-based fees. The proportion of Substrate-based transaction fees designed to be paid to treasury was enabled since network launch (EVM and transfer enablement), while the proportion of EVM-based fees to treasury was unintentionally not enabled until the approximate date of October 8th, 2021. As of February 28th, 2022, 1,107 MOVR has been allocated to the treasury through its proportionate share of transaction fees.

Please refer to for more information on Moonriver’s token economics.


  • Circulating Supply: all tokens that are held in accounts outside of the Moonbeam Foundation and Protocol control listed above.
  • Total Supply: the number of tokens that are (i) circulating, (ii) under the Moonbeam Foundation control, (iii) under the Protocol Control.

Token Release Schedule(1)(2)

Historical Token Release Since Network Launch

MOVR Token Release March 2022

  1. Token release figures and dates presented in the chart above are approximate and subject to change. Please refer to for more information on Moonriver token allocations.
  2. Forecast token releases for allocations are not included in the figures above. As such, only historical activity is presented from network launch through 2/28/22 for the selected allocations in the chart above.

Tokens Released Into Circulation

The release of MOVR into circulation from select non-circulating genesis allocations is reported below on a cumulative basis since network launch. Subsequent updates to the Transparency Page will include reporting for the subject six-month period in addition to cumulatively.

Genesis Allocation Cumulative MOVR Released
Crowdloan 2021 Claimed Rewards 2.2 million
Community Initiatives and Parachain Slot Reserve 166 thousand
Developer Adoption Program 247 thousand
Long-term Network Stewardship & Adoption 324 thousand
  • Crowdloan 2021: 3M MOVR was allocated to the Moonriver 2021 Crowdloan, of which 30% was distributed at network launch (when transfers and EVM were enabled) and the remaining 70% vesting linearly over the 48 weeks of the parachain lease. Since launch, over 2.2M MOVR has been claimed by crowdloan participants resulting in unclaimed MOVR crowdloan rewards of 775k. Of this total, an estimated 265k MOVR has vested but not yet been claimed. The unvested balance will continue to vest on a block-by-block basis for the remainder of the parachain lease.
  • Community Initiatives and Parachain Slot Reserve: 4M MOVR was allocated to Community Initiatives and Parachain Slot Reserve. For the purposes of parachain sustainability and KSM accumulation, the Foundation engaged in the liquidation of MOVR under the structured selling guidelines outlined above in exchange for KSM. Approximately 20k MOVR has been liquidated to acquire KSM. For the 2022 slot renewal, the Foundation also decided to self-fund the parachain slot using this accumulated KSM. In addition, the Moonbeam Foundation decided to bid before the expiration of the current Moonriver slot with the hope of securing a lease at a more reasonable KSM price. More information on the Foundation’s 2022 strategy can be found in the recent announcement.Before Moonriver’s launch in August, the Foundation announced a plan to allocate 1M MOVR tokens to “liquidity programs”. Since launch, the Foundation has decided to collapse these allocated MOVR tokens into Community Initiatives and Parachain Slot Reserve and the Developer Adoption Program. The Foundation has decided to achieve the previously announced program’s primary goal of community adoption through developer focused grants that help spur innovation in the Moonriver ecosystem. Since network launch, 166k MOVR has been distributed to fund these programs and other community initiatives.
  • Developer Adoption Program: Cumulatively, the Foundation has distributed approx. 247k MOVR as grants to 23 teams and approx $407k as fiat-based grants to 16 teams and developers building on Moonriver as their contractual milestones have been achieved. Notable projects deployed on the Moonriver network that have received MOVR grants include Sushiswap, Solarbeam, Zenlink and Moonwell.
  • Long-Term Network Stewardship & Adoption: To date, the Foundation has disbursed 324k MOVR from this allocation to cover network operations, expenses and liquidity. Specifically, a cumulative total of 91k MOVR has been transferred to a third party provider for liquidation under the structured selling guidelines outlined above. Sales proceeds have been used to build operational cash reserves to cover future expenses and to fund fiat and stablecoin grants, daily operations, and other network expenses.


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