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Bear Necessities Hackathon

Bear Necessities Hackathon 1, held from May 30 to July 4, 2023

Veteran builders in the ecosystem know that Moonbeam loves to throw big hackathons, both virtual and in-person. However, rarely does a hackathon achieve the scale and traction of the Bear Necessities Hackathon by Moonbeam and AWS. In total, a whopping 755 individuals participated and 62 submissions were completed. 22 projects are taking home a share of the $50,000 in prizes. In addition, every team that submitted a project is eligible for free AWS credits.

This kind of success could not have been achieved without the incredible support of our sponsors. Generous support from the Moonbeam Foundation, AWS, Chainlink, StellaSwap, Biconomy, and SubQuery made the Bear Necessities Hackathon a reality. Each sponsor offered significant prizes (100% of which went directly to hackers) and mentorship as technical team members helped hackers in office hours, workshops, and even late night Discord & Telegram support chats. Additionally, we appreciate the superb organization and hackathon management by the HackerEarth Team.

Are you interested in building a project on Moonbeam? We’re eager to help you on your journey through our comprehensive grants program, incubator, and technical support in our developer discord. While we don’t have enough room to discuss every project in this blog post, let’s take a closer look at some of the winning projects. Many of the following dApps are live on Moonbase Alpha today, and we encourage you to check them out!


An inside look at the GT Save project, one of the hackathon winners

GTSave is a powerful cross-chain savings protocol with a twist. Built on Moonbase Alpha, users can deposit funds from many chains via Axelar and earn rewards that are generated from Moonwell deposits. GTSave uses API3’s QRNG (Quantum Random Number Generator) to randomly select users in regular drawings. GTSave won both a Moonbeam Foundation Grand Prize & a StellaSwap prize. 

Synthmos 🏆

Exploring the Synthmos project, a groundbreaking solution presented at the hackathon

Synthmos is a no-loss prediction market on Moonbase Alpha. The protocol stakes funds natively thru the staking precompile to generate rewards and distributes them to the winning positions in the prediction market. Synthmos uses Chainlink price feeds and also has a TradingView Integration, which means that it has robust security properties and an elegant UI. You can also find a video demo here.

Koingaroo 🏆

Koingaroo offers self-custody investing across chains in 60 seconds, with a variety of strategies such as native GLMR and DOT staking. And Koingaroo promises that you’ll be done in just 60 seconds. Koingaroo won the Moonbeam Foundation Precompile Prize & a StellaSwap prize. Koingaroo uses 3 different Moonbeam precompiles, namely, the batch, proxy, and staking precompile all in service of its mission to make cross chain defi investing faster and easier. Additionally, Koingaroo was selected to present at Polkadot Decoded 2023.

MoonDAO 🏆

A glimpse into the MoonDAO project, a winner at the hackathon

MoonDAO is an innovative DAO as a service platform designed to empower communities with trust through the utilization of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) framework. MoonDAO is built on Moonbeam with the principles of transparency, collaboration, and fairness. MoonDAO received prizes from Chainlink, StellaSwap, and Biconomy. And they’re continuing to evolve and grow the platform each day. 

SilverMoon 🏆

SilverMoon is a decentralized bond exchange. Silvermoon allows Moonbeam Collators to issue bonds to fund their collator business using the ERC-3475 Abstract Storage Bond standard. While still in development, this project has immense potential to empower individual community collators and further the decentralization of the Moonbeam and Moonriver collator sets.

XChain Orders 🏆

XChain Orders offers a novel approach to managing cross-chain defi activities. XChain Orders features four new order types that are designed to automate trading opportunities and risk management, allowing users to pre-plan when to maximize profits and minimize losses, with the added ability to delete any actively working order. The project also includes a server to monitor and ping smart contracts in Moonbeam and Fantom, and uses Axelar to handle the cross-chain communication.

NiftyQuery 🏆

NiftyQuery is an advanced ERC721 Non-Fungible Token (NFT) standard indexer built that supports Moonbeam, Moonriver, Astar, & Shiden. To achieve this remarkable feat, NiftyQuery leverages the powerful SubQuery multi-chain indexing solution. The primary objective of this indexer is to provide a unified and streamlined experience for users by exposing a single, all-encompassing GraphQL API that facilitates querying across these diverse blockchains.

Closing Thoughts

Congratulations to all the participants! You’ve all showcased incredible talent and commitment. Don’t forget that Moonbeam is eager to help you as you refine and launch your product to the world. We have an active grants program, and we can provide comprehensive technical and ecosystem marketing support.

Thanks for joining us to celebrate the winners of the Bear Necessities Hackathon by Moonbeam & AWS. We first announced the winners in celebratory Twitter spaces – you can listen to a replay of it here. If you missed out on participating in the hackathon, don’t worry, there will be more! If you’re new to building on Moonbeam and want to get started learning more, we have lots of resources for you, including: