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Fireblocks Adds Support for MOVR and GLMR Tokens

Apr 27, 2022

2 min read

Institutional Clients Can Now Access Custody and Staking Solution From Within the Fireblocks Platform

The Moonbeam Foundation is pleased to share that the Moonriver and Moonbeam integrations with Fireblocks are now live and available for use. Fireblocks is the leading custody technology and liquidity network for institutional customers, and this integration makes it possible for their clients to safely store and stake GLMR and MOVR tokens from within their platform.

Fireblocks is an enterprise-grade digital asset and crypto technology company that offers its customers the easiest way to build crypto products and services such as in-house custody solutions, NFT marketplaces, trading services and more. Fireblocks’ impressive client roster includes over 1000 institutions worldwide including, lending desks, custodians, banks, trading desks, and hedge funds.

Fireblocks now enables businesses to securely store and manage MOVR and GLMR tokens as well as introduce new products and services built around the token ecosystems. This is a major leap forward in making these utility tokens accessible for VCs, funds, and other institutional participants that require a secure solution to offer custody support for these tokens. Moonbeam and Moonriver are the first Polkadot parachains to launch on Fireblocks.

By making both the GLMR and MOVR tokens available through Fireblocks, institutional clients can now securely store the tokens in Fireblocks Vault, transfer them on the Moonbeam and Moonriver Networks, and add Fireblocks custody support for MOVR and GLMR into financial applications and workflows.

Fireblocks also supports Wallet Connect, which allows users of the platform to directly interact with the Moonbeam DApp in order to stake their custodied assets, along with other Wallet Connect-enabled DApps in the Moonbeam ecosystem. To connect to the Moonbeam DApp, simply configure your wallet for the appropriate network (Moonbeam or Moonriver), scan the QR code provided, and choose which address you’d like to use to interact with the staking application.