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Arrington Capital and Borderless Capital Double Down on Moonbeam as the Premier Destination for Cross-Chain Innovation with Accelerator Program Investment

April 13, 2023 – Miami, FL – Moonbeam, the top destination for multi-chain applications on Polkadot, is excited to announce the debut cohort of Web3 startups in the Moonbeam Accelerator program operated by Rokk3r. Designed to support early-stage and growth-stage startups, this program offers top-notch support for teams currently building on Moonbeam’s smart contract platform or those looking to get started and bring their innovative ideas to life on Moonbeam.

The Moonbeam Accelerator is supported by leading Web3 venture capital firms Arrington Capital, Borderless Capital, and Paka, all of whom are committed to helping drive support and adoption for innovative cross-chain projects.

“There’s a fresh wave of energy within the multi-chain space, catalyzing a trend that is pushing the industry toward true interoperability and making blockchain accessible to a mass audience,” said Michael Arrington, Co-Founder at Arrington Capital. “It is important for us to back the early innovators when it comes to this area and we are excited to support Moonbeam’s vision of enabling seamless cross-chain integration for startups. I look forward to seeing the teams in this cohort accelerate their progress.”

The accelerator’s goal is to foster and reinforce core skills in areas such as technology stacks, business, marketing, financials, and fundraising. By providing access to an extensive network of industry experts, resources, and tools, the Moonbeam Foundation and its VC partners aim to accelerate the growth of innovative projects and companies in Web3. The accelerator is organized and led by Rokk3r, a strategic holding company that partners with entrepreneurs, corporations, and investors to build and scale their business models, which enables cohort teams access to live mentorship and an unmatched library of content and tools.

Bootcamps, pitching sessions, and live and pre-recorded technical sessions all round out the benefits that startups will receive when accepted into the Moonbeam accelerator program. This all leads up to “Demo Day” later this year, when selected teams will pitch investors, aiming to raise additional capital for their projects.

“Cross-chain messaging and native interoperability are key to unlocking the full potential of a multi-chain future, and our accelerator program is a major step towards helping developers define that future,” shared Derek Yoo, CEO of PureStake and co-founder of the Moonbeam Network. “We invite all startups and teams to apply and join us in building a more connected and inclusive blockchain ecosystem.”

The projects selected as the initial cohort span DeFi, gaming, infrastructure, and user acquisition tooling:

  • Airlyft – aims to be the most complete decentralized, multichain, growth hacking platform ever created for projects to establish, expand, and engage their community.
  • BrainDex – a DEX aggregation and trade optimization protocol which aims to provide the most interconnected and optimized swap experience available in the Dotsama ecosystem.
  • Cactus Finance – easy-to-use DeFi vault products that provide access to sophisticated DeFi strategies that are usually reserved for hedge-fund managers and institutional investors.
  • ChainJet – a platform that empowers entrepreneurs and communities to build on web3 without coding.
  • Evrloot – a dark fantasy role-playing game, centered around equippable RMRK NFTs, detailed artwork, and immersive lore.
  • The Great Escape by GLMR Jungle – a 2D Play and Earn platform where players must collect as many fruit as possible in a given time in a level full of enemies and traps.
  • Moonbeans – a user experience-driven NFT marketplace that simplifies the web3 experience for web2 users.
  • PrivaDex – a DEX aggregator and dark pool that enables anonymous trading: swap any token on one chain for any token on another chain.
  • Rootz by JR Studio – a Gaming Backend PaaS (Platform as a Service), designed to help game studios of all sizes cut costs, time, and headaches by streamlining the process of “making it work” so that they can return their focus to “making it fun.”
  • Space Protocol – a DeFi Protocol that offers APY based on revenue streams contributed by Asset Owners and generated by real hard assets contributed.
  • SuperHedge – a DeFi options vault offering principal-protected structured products represented as NFTs.

For more information about the Moonbeam accelerator program and how to apply for future cohorts, please visit

About Moonbeam

Moonbeam is a smart contract platform for building cross-chain connected applications that can access users, assets, and services on any chain. By uniting functionality from Ethereum, Cosmos, Polkadot and more into a single platform, Moonbeam solves today’s fragmented user experience — unlocking true interoperability and paving the way for the next generation of applications. The Moonbeam platform uses integrated cross-chain messaging to allow developers to create smart contracts that access services across many remote blockchains. This approach, plus Moonbeam’s developer-friendly EVM platform, vast tool support, and modern Substrate architecture, creates the ideal development environment for building connected applications.