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Moonbeam has always supported builders and developers in the Ethereum and Dotsama ecosystems. It especially offers familiar tools to Solidity developers, including Hardhat, Thirdweb, Foundry, Remix, OpenZeppelin, and more. But Moonbeam’s tooling ecosystem goes far beyond just EVM compatibility. The rich development environment supports builders with numerous tools tailored for various purposes, making Moonbeam development seamless and frictionless.

In this article, we’ll explore 10 powerful tools from the Moonbeam ecosystem that can supercharge your developer workflow and unlock new realms of innovation, whether you’re building DeFi protocols, an NFT platform, GameFi experiences, or any other app!

1. Pre-Dev – AI-Powered Rapid App Prototyping for Moonbeam Builders

Deciding on the right tech stack and architecture for your decentralized app can be complex and time-consuming. Pre-Dev’s AI-powered rapid prototyping creates a complete software blueprint in real time!

Pre-dev is an AI-powered platform that can help you rapidly architect your application. It’s perfect for builders who want to quickly go from idea to working software. Tell Pre-dev your project vision and its AI will generate a complete software plan and architecture.

From there, pre-dev connects you with a vetted team of expert engineers to rapidly develop your idea using the architecture as a blueprint. Moonbeam builders can access unique pre-dev partner benefits, turning their big ideas into working decentralized applications even easier.

Check out Pre.Dev here!

2. Blockpour: Multichain DeFi Data Analytics for Moonbeam

Building data-driven DeFi products requires robust on-chain analytics across multiple DEXs, DApps, and chains, but integrating this cross-chain intelligence can be difficult. Blockpour provides a comprehensive DeFi data platform and API integrated with Moonbeam for builders needing robust on-chain analytics. Blockpour allows developers to query real-time data across DEXs, DApps, and AMMs to identify trends and opportunities. Its cross-chain capabilities are ideal for analyzing activity flows.

For data-driven DeFi products, Blockpour gives Moonbeam developers a rich stream of chain and cross-chain intelligence.

Check out Blockpour here!

3. MetaSleuth: Advanced Cross-Chain Crypto Forensics and Intelligence

Tracing fund flows and identifying bad actors across multiple networks is crucial but extremely difficult in the cross-chain DeFi ecosystem. MetaSleuth provides advanced crypto visualization and analysis capabilities for Moonbeam builders and users. This multichain tool allows you to analyze wallet activity, trace transaction flows, and identify addresses across networks, including Moonbeam, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and more.

MetaSleuth’s enhanced address labeling system is a standout feature. It makes it easier to flag scammers, hackers, and other bad actors based on on-chain behavior.

Check out Metasleuth here!

4. SupraOracles: Superfast Decentralized Oracle Services for Moonbeam

Data-driven DeFi applications like DEXs or derivatives platforms require secure, high-speed decentralized oracles, but many solutions lack true decentralization or sufficient performance. SupraOracles, an industry-leading solution integrated with Moonbeam, provides secure oracle services for projects that need them. Its novel “Tribes and Clans” architecture makes it a truly decentralized oracle network, while parallel processing enables swift finality times of 3-5 seconds.

This speed and reliability make SupraOracles ideal for powering the next generation of data-driven DeFi applications. Moonbeam builders can apply for the Supra Network Activate Program (SNAP) to receive free Oracle services, verifiable randomness functions, and technical assistance from SupraOracles. SupraOracles is a flexible Oracle layer that enhances Moonbeam dapps with premium off-chain data feeds.

Check out SupraOracles here!
Check our docs for integration here.

5. Acurast: Decentralized Mobile Cloud Computing for Moonbeam

Building highly scalable or compute-intensive decentralized applications requires massive computing power, but centralized cloud providers are insecure and antithetical to Web3 principles. Acurast emerges as a solution, providing a novel decentralized cloud computing solution for Moonbeam teams building such applications. Acurast leverages underutilized mobile device computing power to create a decentralized serverless cloud that can handle intensive workloads.

By tapping into this distributed computing grid, developers can offload resource-heavy tasks like machine learning, computational biology, multimedia processing, and more. Anyone can earn rewards by contributing their device’s spare cycles to the network. For scaling demanding dapps, Acurast unlocks a new dimension of decentralized cloud computing resources accessible from Moonbeam.

Check out Acurast here!

6. Collabland: Secure Token-Gated Community Management for Moonbeam

Building engaged communities and incentivizing participation around NFT projects and tokens is difficult, while manually verifying asset ownership and managing access is cumbersome. For projects looking to use NFTs and tokens for community access control, Collab.Land provides a turnkey token gating solution integrated with Moonbeam. This award-winning bot can be easily added to Telegram or Discord communities to automatically grant/revoke membership based on whether users hold your project’s tokens or NFTs.

With over 6.5 million wallets already verified, Collab.Land makes gate channels, content, airdrops, and more simple, using on-chain asset ownership as the access criteria. It provides a standardized yet customizable way to incentivize engaged communities around your Moonbeam-based tokens and NFT collections. Whether for DAOs, loyalty programs, or exclusive experiences, Collab.Land token gating streamlines secure community management.

Check out Collabland here!

7. Rubic: The Ultimate Cross-Chain Development Suite for Moonbeam

Rubic provides a comprehensive cross-chain technology suite integrated with Moonbeam for developers building multi-chain dapps and protocols, aggregating blockchains, Web3 bridges, DEXs, token swaps, and more into a unified cross-chain stack. By integrating Rubic, Moonbeam projects can enable swapping and bridging over 15,500 assets (including NFTs) across EVM and non-EVM networks like Ethereum, Avalanche, Polkadot, Cosmos, and more. Rubic also provides oracles, smart contract executors, and additional infrastructure for securely communicating across blockchain silos.

Whether building a DeFi dapp, NFT marketplace, or cross-chain product, Rubic equips Moonbeam teams with a powerful cross-chain toolbox to seamlessly incorporate multi-chain capabilities. It abstracts away the complexities of cross-chain interoperability through clean SDKs and APIs.

Check out Rubic here!

8. Multisender: Effortless Token Airdrops and Distributions for Moonbeam

Managing token airdrops, liquidity mining programs, and other large batch distributions is tedious and can be subject to costly errors. For projects planning such distributions, Multisender provides an efficient multichain solution integrated with Moonbeam. This powerful dapp streamlines the process of sending tokens to unlimited addresses in just a few clicks.

All you need is a Web3 wallet and a list of recipient addresses. Multisender then handles batching and securely executes the transfers on Moonbeam. Whether distributing tokens, NFTs, or other digital assets, Multisender gives Moonbeam projects a fast, secure, and user-friendly way to manage complex, multi-recipient transactions at scale. Airdrops made easy.

Check out Multisender here!

9. Meld: Seamless Fiat Onramps for Moonbeam Web3 Apps

Integrating fiat onramps is crucial for Web3 user acquisition, but implementing ramping is complex. If you’re Building Web3 products that need fiat onramps, Meld provides a seamless way to integrate crypto buying and selling through a single SDK. Meld aggregates multiple ramping solutions like MoonPay, Banxa, Transak, and more, giving your users access to 500+ cryptocurrencies across 225+ countries and 110+ fiat currencies.

For DeFi, NFT, gaming, and other blockchain apps looking to provide easy entry points, Meld simplifies crypto purchasing across EVM and non-EVM chains like Moonbeam.

Check out Meld here!

10. Outerbridge: Unlocking Web3-Web2 Automation for Moonbeam Builders

Outerbridge provides an open-source, low/no-code automation platform tailored for Moonbeam developers building interconnected Web3 and Web2 applications. This cross-chain tool allows you to create seamless workflows that connect on-chain events and data from Moonbeam with popular Web2 services like Discord, Google Sheets, Airtable, Salesforce, and more.

With Outerbridge’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface, Moonbeam teams can automate multi-step processes bridging the Web3-Web2 gap without complex coding. For example, you could automatically send Discord notifications when certain smart contract events fire on Moonbeam, update a Google Sheet with on-chain analytics or trigger Salesforce actions based on wallet transactions – all configured visually. Outerbridge’s open-source, low-code approach empowers Moonbeam builders to unlock powerful automation and streamline operations between their Web3 protocols and traditional software tools.

Check out Outerbridge here!


The Moonbeam ecosystem offers a rich collection of tools and platforms that simplify developers’ lives. From AI-powered app prototyping and robust on-chain analytics to decentralized cloud computing, cross-chain Oracle integration, and low-code automation, Moonbeam provides a holistic tooling suite for powering Web3 innovation.

Moonbeam’s position at the intersection of the Ethereum and Dotsama ecosystems grows more vital, attracting top dev teams building tomorrow’s decentralized apps and services!

These tools can help builders and developers kickstart development. Moonbeam also offers grants and development support from the start and beyond project deployment. Check that out grants here.

Join Moonbeam and start building your applications today.