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How To Check Your Crowdloan Contributions & MOVR Rewards

Jun 30, 2021

3 min read

If you have not done so already, please check this Moonriver crowdloan rewards calculator. The calculator offers a simple way to estimate how many MOVR tokens you’ll receive per KSM contributed.

Nevertheless, the original Moonbeam Foundation crowdloan application has been repurposed so that participants can check their on-chain crowdloan contribution details. This tutorial will guide you through the process of how to do so.

Checking Your Crowdloan Contribution Details

Now that the crowdloan has officially ended, the application has been repurposed so users can check their contribution and change their Moonriver/Ethereum address.F

Therefore, to check your crowdloan contribution details, navigate to the Moonbeam Foundation crowdloan application page. When ready, click “Start.”


The next screen takes you through the steps of connecting your Polkadot.js extension wallet. Make sure you import the Kusama account you use to contribute to the Moonriver crowdloan. Here, please take the following steps:

  • Click on “Connect to Polkadot.{js}”. The extension will show a pop-up window asking you to authorize the application.
  • Verify the URL of the application you are granting access to the Polkadot.js extension. It must be exactly — if this is not the case, please contact the Moonbeam Foundation team at
  • Once you’ve verified the URL, click on “Yes, allow this application access” — This allows the application to fetch your account information and also use the Polkadot.js extension to sign transactions.

The application will load all accounts in the Polkadot.js extension that are setup to work with Kusama. If your account is not loading, make sure you’ve set it up with the “Allow use on any chain” or “Kusama Relay Chain” option.

If the pop-up is not showing up, take the following steps:

1. Click on the “Gear” icon to open the extension settings.

2. Select the “Manage Website Access” option.F<

  1. Allow — Double check the website URL before allowing it.

Once your account data is imported into the application, take the following steps:

  1. Select the Kusama account containing the crowdloan contribution you want to check. If you’ve contributed from multiple accounts you’ll have to do one account at a time.
  2. Click on “Continue.”
  3. (Optional) If the account you have to participate with is not showing up, check your Polkadot.js extension and make sure it can be used on any chain or the Kusama relay chain. Afterward, click on “Reload accounts.”

Once you’ve selected your Kusama account, you are presented with your contribution details. Here, you can see your KSM contribution details. This data was retrieved directly from the Kusama relay chain.

The MOVR rewards are calculated based on your KSM contribution divided by the total amount of KSM collected by the crowdloan, multiplied by 3 million (the genesis allocation for the crowdloan rewards).


Once again, thank you for helping Moonriver onboard to Kusama!