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Meme coins have long been a quirky trend in the crypto space but have experienced a recent resurgence in popularity.

As a fully Ethereum-compatible network, Moonbeam makes it easy for users to deploy their own meme coin on the network. Through the use of a few contract deployment tools, you can make your own ERC-20 on Moonbeam without the need to understand smart contract languages such as Solidity. Follow the steps below and challenge yourselves to create your own meme coin in 30 seconds!

1. Use MetaMask connect to Moonbeam Network and prepare some GLMR tokens.

Step 1

2. Go to OpenZeppelin, navigate to the Contracts Wizard page and click on the ERC-20 tab. Enter the desired Token name and code according to your preference. In this example, we will set the token name as TEST_TUTO and the code as TTO. Once you have decided on the name and code, check all the fields in the Token Features column, as shown in the image below.

Step 2

3. Next, scroll down the page and check the Roles option under Access Control (pre-set as Ownable).

Step 3

4. After setting everything, scroll up the page and click on Open in Remix.

Step 4

5. After opening the Remix page, click on the icon highlighted in the red box in the left menu bar. Then select Auto Compile and open Advanced Configuration. Choose Enable Optimization after configuring it. Once you’re done with the settings, click the Compile button below.

Step 5

6. After the compilation is completed, select the icon highlighted in the red box in the left menu bar. Once you enter the page, click on Deploy.

Step 6

7. After clicking on Deploy, MetaMask will pop up a transaction window. Click on Confirm to confirm the transaction.After waiting for a few seconds, you should be able to see a transaction success icon in the bottom right corner. You can also check your MetaMask account to confirm the transaction.

Step 7

8. Once the transaction is confirmed, you can open the Moonbeam block explorer to view your contract. If the operation is correct, you should see the following image.

Step 8

That’s all! You have successfully created your own Meme coin. It should take less than 30 seconds for you to do so, congrats!

However, please note that the meme coin you have created is just a smart contract on the blockchain. If you want to add a token icon for your new meme coin, you will need to log in to and change the necessary settings.

Creating a meme coin, or any kind of ERC-20, is simple and easy, without any surprises. Creating a token is an approachable way for newbies to get into the world of blockchain. Understanding the technical logic behind creating a token like a meme coin serves as a great way to break down the technical barriers that often prevent community members from diving into the space more fully. With the use of development tools, even non-technical individuals can get in on the fun and quickly establish their own Web3 projects, which serves to help make blockchain technology more pervasive in the long-term.