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If you contributed to a Polkadot crowdloan in 2021, give yourself a pat on the back! You directly helped to ignite a vibrant ecosystem. Soon, the original crowdloan contributors for the first five crowdloan auctions, including Moonbeam’s, will have their DOT back free and clear. You may already know that you can stake your DOT and help secure the Polkadot Relay Chain and its parachains. Additionally, there are lots of exciting opportunities to utilize your DOT on Moonbeam in DeFi dApps, and with the help of sibling parachains.

DOT is natively transferable via XCM to Moonbeam where it becomes known as xcDOT, a Substrate asset that takes the form of an ERC-20 token. It’s easy to transfer your DOT to Moonbeam and only takes a minute with the Moonbeam dApp. Let’s do a quick refresher on how to transfer your DOT to Moonbeam. If you prefer video guides, check out our YouTube tutorial on Transferring Cross-Chain assets with the Moonbeam dApp.

Transferring DOT to Moonbeam

First, head to the Moonbeam dApp and make sure that you have the Polkadot account that you contributed to the Moonbeam crowdloan handy. If you’re not sure which account you used to contribute to the crowdloan, you can Review your Crowdloan Contribution with this Moonbeam Foundation tool. Then, take the following steps:

  1. Press Connect wallet in the upper right corner.
  2. Click on the EVM Wallet tab.
  3. Select your preferred EVM Wallet. Your EVM Wallet will prompt you to connect an account. This will be the destination account on Moonbeam that will receive your xcDOT.
  4. Click on the Substrate Wallet tab.
  5. Connect the Substrate Wallet that holds your DOT.
  6. If you need to switch connected accounts, you can do so here.
  7. Head to the Parachain Bridges page if you’re not already on it, which can be found under the Cross-Chain section.
Moonbeam Wallet

To transfer DOT from the Polkadot Relay Chain to Moonbeam, take the following steps:

  1. Select DOT as the token to transfer.
  2. Select the From network as Polkadot.
  3. Select the Sender address as the wallet that contains your DOT.
  4. Select the Destination as Moonbeam.
  5. Select the Recipient as the address of your EVM Wallet that you’d like to receive the xcDOT on Moonbeam.
  6. Select the amount that you like to send. You can use the Min and Max buttons if you’d like – these will intelligently calculate the respective amounts taking into account fees and the existential deposit on Polkadot.
  7. Review the transfer info including fees and press Send. You’ll need to confirm this transaction in your Substrate wallet.
Transfer DOT to Moonbeam

The Moonbeam dApp will keep track of the status of the transaction, which should finalize in about a minute. Some wallets will recognize your balance of xcDOT and automatically import the xcDOT token to the wallet. Otherwise you can press the + icon to manually add the xcDOT token details to your EVM wallet.

Transfer DOT to Moonbeam Summary

Claiming your GLMR Crowdloan Rewards

GLMR crowdloan rewards unlocked in two ways: an initial 30% tranche at network launch, and the remainder unlocked linearly on a block by block basis over the parachain lease period. Therefore, you likely still have GLMR crowdloan rewards to claim. In order to claim your GLMR rewards, you’ll need to be connected to the Moonbeam dApp with your EVM address that you selected to receive crowdloan rewards. If you forget which rewards address you chose, you can lookup your rewards address here on the Moonbeam Foundation Crowdloan Rewards app. To claim your GLMR Rewards, take the following steps:

  1. Head to the Crowdloan Rewards page.
  2. Press Claim and confirm the transaction in your EVM Wallet.
Transfer DOT to Moonbeam

Closing Thoughts

It’s easy to transfer your DOT from Polkadot to Moonbeam using the Moonbeam dApp. Be sure to check out the Dot Unlock announcement for a sample of some of the things you can do with your xcDOT on Moonbeam! As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us in the Moonbeam Discord, we are more than happy to help!

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