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Moonbeam has an extensive documentation site and an active Discord staffed with around-the-clock support for developers. But what if there was someone watching the Discord 24/7 who could respond to your query in just 15 seconds? The newly-launched bot makes that a reality. is a ChatGPT-powered AI bot that can answer just about any question about building on Moonbeam. combines semantic retrieval systems for technical knowledge sources and is powered by large language models, including GPT-4. has been trained on the entire Moonbeam Documentation site, the Moonbeam Community Forum, the Substrate Documentation site, and more so it can answer complex questions like, “I’ve launched a new parachain, how can I set up an XCM channel to connect it with Moonbeam?” or “How can I check the finality of a Moonbeam transaction?” Note that Kapa is only able to answer developer-focused questions at this time.

Ask Kapa a Question

Asking Kapa a question is easy! To get started, head to the Moonbeam Discord, and look for the ask-kapa-ai channel in the Devs Hub.


Then, asking a question is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Start by mentioning If you don’t mention the bot, it won’t be able to respond.
  2. Kapa will acknowledge your question immediately and respond in about 15 seconds.
  3. You can ask up to two follow-up questions in the same thread; Kapa is context-aware of the prior questions in the thread and will respond accordingly. Optionally, you can provide a thumbs up or a thumbs down to rate the quality of Kapa’s response. Providing a thumbs down will let the Kapa team know that the bot missed the mark on that particular question and will ensure that Kapa is re-trained on that topic.
kapa 2

We ask that you refrain from spamming Kapa with unnecessary questions, as resources are limited. Kapa is trained to only answer questions that it knows the answers to with a high degree of confidence, so if there’s a question it’s not entirely sure about, you’ll get an “I’m not sure” response by design. Kapa is continually learning and evolving with updates and additions to the content it’s trained on, such as the Moonbeam documentation site. Of course, there are some questions that Kapa can’t answer, and the Developer Relations team is here to help you. You can reach us at any time on Discord by mentioning the @DevRel role.

One of the most exciting features about is that it can help developers instantly become “unstuck” on a particular question or topic. is the latest addition to a suite of tools that make building on Moonbeam a seamless and enjoyable experience. We encourage you to take for a spin with any questions about building on Moonbeam.