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The Moonbeam community is welcome to participate in the Moonbeam Community Forum, a new community space dedicated to hosting Moonbeam and Moonriver-related discussions, including technology development, governance, and future ecosystem initiatives. The forum will also serve the updated Moonbeam Foundation Grants and Treasury Programs as the designated discussion forum for proposals before and during democracy.

About the Moonbeam Community Forum

The Moonbeam Community Forum was launched as a dedicated space for the community to refine and brainstorm concepts, share their feedback and participate in community discussions about governance, technology development, future ecosystem initiatives, and more.

Users can access and view all live discussions by going to the Moonbeam Community Forum site. Users must log in using their Discord credentials to start participating and posting. Comments should be made in English and follow the Moonbeam Foundation Code of Conduct.

In brief, conforming to the Moonbeam Foundation Code of Conduct means participating in a way that creates a welcoming environment and a harassment-free experience for all community members. Users should use inclusive language, be respectful of differing viewpoints, accept constructive feedback, and focus on what is best for the network, community, and ecosystem.

Community moderators will support the forum by ensuring discussions follow the Moonbeam Code of Conduct, answering general questions, and sending technical questions to the appropriate team members.

Community members in the Moonbeam Discord Server will also have access to a read-only channel called #?️governance-forum-updates to get notified about new discussions posted in the forum.

How to Use the Moonbeam Community Forum

The Moonbeam Community Forum has four discussion categories available for the community to read, post submissions, and share ideas with other community members. To keep things clear and organized, users must select a category when posting using the outlined purpose of each discussion category.

The forum categories are divided into

  • Governance
    Dedicated to discussions about on-chain proposals. The subcategories are titled according to the proposal type, i.e., democracy, grant, or treasury.
  • Development
    Community space to discuss the development of Moonbeam & Moonriver networks, like core protocol, improvement proposals, developer tooling, and runtime upgrades.
  • Site Feedback
    This category is a spot for members to add new labels and categories or propose ways to improve communication and collaboration on the forum.
  • General Discussion
    The General category is for topics that don’t need a category or don’t fit into any other existing category.

Governance Proposals Discussions

Governance in Moonbeam is a way for GLMR and MOVR token holders to be actively involved in critical decisions of the Moonbeam and Moonriver networks, including technical upgrades, treasury distribution, and ecosystem development.

Community engagement in governance includes participating in discussions, on-chain voting, and submitting proposals. The Moonbeam Community Forum plays a vital role in governance by being the central hub for governance discussions. Additionally, the forum is also the place to view the status of current and past proposals. Proposals and discussions published before the forum launch can be accessed through Polkassembly.

As part of the early phases of the community-driven Interim Treasury Program and Level 3-Grants submission process, users and ecosystem projects are required to publish a draft version of the treasury or grant proposal, respectively, for community discussion and feedback before it is published for on-chain voting. Learn how to use the Moonbeam Community Forum to submit a Treasury proposal.

Community Feedback is Essential

In addition to the governance discussion functions, the Moonbeam Community Forum also connects the community with the team developing Moonbeam through a site to share ideas that support the growth and development of the Moonbeam and Moonriver networks and see the latest networks’ technology upgrades.

Launching the Moonbeam Community Forum is a step forward in the continued effort to increase community involvement in key decisions of the Moonbeam and Moonriver networks. All the Moonbeam community is encouraged to join and participate in the community forum.