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Kraken to Support the Moonriver Crowdloan

Jun 3, 2021

2 min read

Will Provide an Easy-to-Use Way to Participate in the Campaign

The Moonbeam Foundation is pleased to announce that Kraken, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange by euro trading volumes, will support the upcoming Moonriver crowdloan. Kraken’s clients will be able to directly contribute to the Moonriver crowdloan, without having to leave the exchange.

The Kraken offering features trading services in more than 60 cryptocurrencies, and includes a secure on-chain staking service and regulated derivatives. Kraken emphasizes user experience and round-the-clock client support, and also shares an emphasis on security with the Moonbeam Foundation

In order to launch on a Kusama parachain, each project needs to secure a parachain slot, either independently or through a successful crowdloan campaign. Kraken’s support will help expand the reach of the Moonriver crowdloan by making it easy to access and contribute to.

Once the crowdloan officially opens, Kraken will allow clients to securely participate in Moonriver’s crowdloan from the exchange platform, one that many clients are already familiar with. This integration gives clients greater flexibility and choice in how they would like to participate in the Moonriver crowdloan, encouraging broad participation and ensuring the community remains an integral part of the network launch. After Moonriver launches, rewards will be available to participants within Kraken.

“From the beginning, the vision for the Moonriver network was for it to be community-led, and to get as many tokens into the hands of community members as fairly as possible,” explains Aaron Evans, Director of the Moonbeam Foundation. “Kraken’s support will help break down many of the usability barriers that might prevent individuals from participating, and will ultimately amplify the reach of the crowdloan to expand the Moonriver community even more.”

Crowdloans are expected to open very soon. Timing will be determined by Parity, who is expected to announce the parachain slot auction schedule shortly. Once crowdloans start, clients should have the ability to participate via Kraken at the same time as users who are participating directly through the Moonbeam Foundation DApp.