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Math Wallet Launches Support for the Moonriver Crowdloan

Jun 21, 2021

1 min read

Math Wallet Mobile and Web Apps Now Allow Contributions

The Moonbeam Foundation is happy to announce that Math Wallet has released support for the Moonriver crowdloan. With this integration, Math Wallet users can directly contribute to the Moonriver crowdloan from their mobile phone using the iOS and Android wallet applications, or from a desktop computer using their browser extension.

This crowdloan will make it possible for the Moonriver smart contract platform to connect to Kusama, where it will serve as a launchpad for Ethereum-based projects that want to expand. In order to launch on Kusama, Moonriver needs to secure a parachain slot through a successful crowdloan campaign, backed by the community. Support from the Math Wallet mobile and web wallets will make it easier for eligible participants to access and contribute to the crowdloan.

The crowdloan is now open, and Moonriver is currently leading the auction to win the second slot. Users can choose how to participate from the following supported methods: Math Wallet applications, KuCoin, Kraken, or an application built by the Moonbeam Foundation.