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The Moonbeam Team returned to Denver for the third consecutive year to engage with builders worldwide at ETHDenver. Launched in February 2018, ETHDenver has evolved from a weekend gathering for local hackers into the largest Ethereum event in the United States. This year, ETHDenver attracted over 20,000 participants from 120 countries, underscoring its monumental growth and delivering on its mission of providing opportunities for collaboration, growth, and knowledge sharing while bringing the community together.

As in years past, Moonbeam was thrilled to sponsor the ETHDenver Hackathon and saw an incredible array of projects submitted. The challenge to builders was creating a cross-chain dApp with Moonbeam as either the sending or receiving chain. For a full explanation of the bounty challenge, see this video explainer. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the winning projects!


Croslend is a cross-chain lending and borrowing protocol that improves the experience of both lenders and borrowers by ensuring liquidity flows freely across blockchains. With Croslend, users can lend or borrow assets on one blockchain and seamlessly use or repay them on another. The dynamic rebalancing of liquidity within the Croslend protocol stands out as a particularly ingenious and impressive accomplishment, especially given the accelerated time frame of the hackathon.

Success seldom arrives without unexpected challenges, and the Croslend team experienced this firsthand when a team member’s laptop died due to a RAM failure, leading to the loss of significant portions of the website’s code. With some quick thinking, they figured out how to limp the laptop along with half its original RAM and managed to rebuild the website before the deadline.

The Croslend App is live on TestNet, and you can try it out yourself or watch a video demo of It in action. Congratulations, Croslend team, on your well-deserved 1st Place Prize!

The Croslend App


Governable introduces a groundbreaking solution to the challenges of on-chain governance, participation, and coordination. By enabling governance for any ERC20 or ERC721 token without requiring checkpointing, Governable significantly reduces the barriers to effective governance. Utilizing Brevis technology, it generates off-chain historical state ZK proofs, allowing trustless verification of token balances at any block. This innovation enables governance activities on chains with lower gas costs, such as Moonbeam, while allowing Ethereum mainnet execution via Wormhole.

With this novel approach, the team of two-faced several technical hurdles, from integration issues across various components like ZK circuits, governance contracts, and cross-chain transactions, to specific challenges with the Brevis backend and SDK. The team tackled all of these challenges, producing a polished dApp that showcases a significant leap towards more accessible and efficient decentralized governance.

You can check out a video demo of Governable in action and you can find the project code at Governable’s Github Repo. Congratulations Governable Team on your well-deserved prize!



Venus is a pioneering cross-chain marketplace built on Moonbeam, offering a seamless solution for trading NFTs across multiple blockchains using Moonbeam’s native GLMR token. By addressing the challenge of fragmented currencies in the digital art ecosystem, Venus enables users to buy, trade, and mint NFTs on Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Base, all from one place on Moonbeam. A standout feature is its AI-powered tool that allows for creating NFTs through AI prompts, leveraging Midjourney’s sophisticated and photo-realistic image generation capabilities. Venus enhances visibility and interaction with NFTs via a dRPC indexer and facilitates cross-chain transactions through Wormhole relayers, promising further expansion with additional protocols and COSMWASM blockchain integration.

Venus is live on TestNet for you to try out yourself, or you can check out a video demo of Venus in action. Congratulations, Team Venus, on your extremely impressive project!


Wrapping Up

The Moonbeam team was thrilled by the diverse and remarkable submissions we received. Although space limits us from showcasing each one, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to every builder for their dedication, commitment, and creativity. Many builders sacrificed sleep and gave up their week to be here with us in Denver. We are astounded and honored by your commitment to #buidling and are thrilled to have you as part of the Moonbeam ecosystem.