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2021 has been an inspiring and incredible year for the Moonbeam and Moonriver communities with the successful launch of Moonriver and the start of the Moonbeam network launch!

We are so excited and proud of how far this network has come. We want to share a recap of this year, which includes many achievements that we could not have accomplished without our enthusiastic and dedicated community!


Whats New with Moonbeam & Moonriver

Moonbeam Launch Process Has Started, Including Decentralization of the Collator Set

Moonbeam started the launch process on Polkadot on Saturday, December 18, and quickly onboarded 24 of the highest-performing third-party collators to decentralize block production and help ensure the liveness of the network. Read more about Moonbeam’s decentralization. In mid-January, Moonbeam will officially complete the launch process once EVM and balance transfers are enabled. After completing the launch process, the first 30% of crowdloan rewards will be distributed, and Take Flight tokens will be distributed 40 days later, in mid-February.

Moonriver is the Most Active Parachain on Kusama

Only three months after launch, Moonriver has reached unprecedented levels of activity and usage. Moonriver now has over 75 live integrations, 14.5M+ network transactions (measured by total extrinsics), 380k+ wallets, 1M+ MOVR locked in collator staking and 3k+ ERC-20 tokens created. Moonriver will continue to grow as an independent network alongside Moonbeam in the coming year.

This month, Binance listed $MOVR as a wallet asset, which means users can now deposit and withdraw MOVR for trading.

2021: A Year of Incredible Growth

Our team connected with the Moonbeam community to talk about the biggest highlights of the year, the Moonriver status, ecosystem, community growth, and more. Our team also discussed what to expect in 2022. Watch the recording here.

Moonbeam & Moonriver Milestones 2021

Let’s dive into the biggest 2021 milestones that brought Moonbeam and Moonriver into a massive launch and network success!


MAR | PureStake Closes $6M Strategic Round of Funding for the Moonbeam Network, including participation from Binance Labs, ParaFi, Coinbase Ventures, Fenbushi Capital, and more.

APR | New Parachain Staking Pallet, Consensus, and Expanded Collator Set in preparation for the Moonriver launch.


JUN | Moonriver is Now Producing Blocks on Kusama After the Successful Completion of the Moonriver Crowdloan with over 205,935 KSM (~$45M USD at crowdloan close) received from 5,977 contributors worldwide.


AUG | Moonriver Completes Launch Process and is Now Live on Kusama.

SEPT | Moonriver Hits 2 Million Transactions Just One Month After Launch
Around 30 days after launch, Moonriver hit 2M transactions with over 41K on-chain MOVR holders, becoming the most active parachain on Kusama.

SEPT | Take Flight Token Event is Finalized, Raises $24.5M for the Moonbeam Foundation
This event aimed to help the launch and early development of the Moonbeam network. 100M tokens were allocated for the Moonbeam community to obtain Glimmer (GLMR) tokens in anticipation of the Moonbeam network launch.


NOV | The Moonbeam Foundation Announced the Moonbeam Crowdloan, Moonbeam’s global community came together to support the launch of the Moonbeam Network to Polkadot

NOV | Moonbeam Obtains a Parachain Slot in Polkadot After the Completion of the Moonbeam Crowdloan. Moonbeam had the largest number of contributors and the total DOT raised. Over 35M+ DOT (~$1.4B USD at crowdloan close) was contributed from 200k+ contributors around the world.

DEC | Moonbeam Started Producing Blocks on the Polkadot Network. This was the beginning of the 3-phase launch process to Polkadot

Moonbeam Ecosystem Development

The Moonriver and Moonbeam ecosystems bloomed this year, with dozens of deployments being onboarded each month. Learn more by visiting Moonbeam’s ecosystem page.


New Deployments on Moonriver


This developer-focused integration brings Chainlink’s market-leading oracle functionality to Moonriver, enabling developers to build smart contracts using any external data resource.

API & Tools:

This plugin lets Solidity devs build on Moonbeam and have access to the greater Polkadot ecosystem


QiDao launched a native stablecoin on Moonriver (MAI) becoming the first stablecoin on the network. MOVR token holders can now mint $MAI at 0% interest directly from Moonriver at

Mochi.Market has ported its existing marketplace to Moonriver. In the future, the Mochi team will also develop new infrastructures exclusive to Moonbeam

WePiggy has launched its lending protocol to Moonriver.


Zenlink: A unified and universal cross-chain DEX protocol which enables parachains to have DEX functionality and share liquidity with other parachains. Zenlink will be able to connect all DEX dApps on Polkadot including Moonbeam!

DODO: DODO is a next-generation DEX & liquidity aggregator powered by the Proactive Market Maker algorithm (PMM). The DODO PMM is an innovative DEX feature that helps traders have lower slippage compared to AMM-based DEXs.

Chaotic by Linear Finance
WePiggy has launched its lending protocol to Moonriver. USDC, USDT, DAI, BUSD,ETH, WBTC, MOVR, BNB, and other assets will be listed based on actual conditions after the lending protocol is in stable operation.

UniLend’s lending & borrowing protocol is now live on Moonriver as the first-ever flash loans service on Kusama


Damned Pirate Society and Pinata
Learn about the Damned Pirates Society’s strategy to increase its NFT efficiency storage using Pinata.

Additional Highlighted Events

2021 Highlighted Events

Upcoming Events

Coming soon! Moonbuilders Academy Global

Immunefi: Moonbeam Bug Bounty Program
Moonbuilders Workshop Series 2022
Moonbeam Universe 2022

Ambassador of the Year

A new monthly program to celebrate the outstanding contributions from our ambassador community


Mike | CIS Moonbeam Community

I’ve been a Polkadot passionate follower for a while and found in Moonbeam a project with full growth potential and a powerful multi-chain vision. I joined the ambassador program around a year ago and during my journey with Moonbeam, I have participated in the foundation of the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent Sta Moonbeam community, recruiting new ambassadors for the program, supporting new community members, and helping in the organization of global events for the community. I want to say a big thank you to the team for the trust and support they have given me. I’m very proud of being part of the project’s growth. I have met a lot of great people around the world! Moonbeam is more than just a project to me — it’s a big family.

Join the Moonbeam Ambassador program and build the multi-chain future with us!
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