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April was a busy and exciting month! We announced the Moonbuilders Academy for Web3 developers, a new runtime upgrade that allows XC-20s to be mintable and burnable, new integrations, and more!

Whats New with Moonbeam & Moonriver

The Big Unlock: 1.1 Million KSM Tokens Will Be Unlocked and Available to Use in Kusama DeFi in May

Five parachain slots leases will end in May. This means that 1.1M KSM locked in crowdloans will be returned to crowdloan contributions and available to use in the Kusama ecosystem. Moonriver has the biggest ecosystem of DeFi integrations that support xcKSM, a representation of KSM in Moonriver. xcKSM can be used in many integrations as Solarbeam, LIDO, Zenlink and Moonwell.

XC-20s Are Now Mintable/Burnable

The Moonbeam team completed the execution of Runtime 1401, which has added functionality to allow projects to mint new XC-20s on Moonriver, and soon on Moonbeam. Learn more about XCM on Moonbeam and Moonriver: Moonbeam Documentation Site | Moonbeam Blog | Videos and Guides

Moonbuilders Academy is Now Open for Web3 Developers

The first learning hub and educational platform developed by Moonbeam is now open for Web3 developers. Enroll in the Moonbuilders Academy and learn how to build multi-chain applications in Moonbeam.

Participate in the Moonriver Grant Hackathon

The Moonriver Grant Hackathon is still open for submissions until May 14. There are $150,000 in bounties for BUIDLers and Web3 developers. Learn more and get started!

Ecosystem Spotlight: New Projects Building on Moonbeam and Moonriver

The Moonbeam and Moonriver ecosystem of integrations continues to grow! Take a look at the latest ecosystem updates:

Moonbeam and Moonriver

Fireblocks: has added support for MOVR and GLMR tokens. Announced by the Moonbeam Foundation, this integration allows institutional clients to access custody and staking solution from within the Fireblocks platform.

SubWallet: support to Moonbeam and Moonriver simplifies the EVM assets management process for users.


Ledger: A native Moonbeam app is now available on Ledger Live for Nano S, X and S Plus. Devs can now use their Ledger hardware wallet to sign transactions on Moonbeam without extra configuration steps.

DappLooker: Moonbeam devs will be able to create, fork and share dashboards to analyze smart contracts and on-chain data.

AllianceBlock: Users can now use the AllianceBlock protocol that converts any digital or crypto asset into a bankable product.

KeyFi: Users can now track their tokens across multiple blockchains, execute transactions across multiple platforms, and more.

EverPay: Decentralized cross-chain financial protocol built on Arweave. Its collaboration opens up the Arweave and Moonbeam ecosystems through the cross-chain provided by everPay.

NFTScan: Provides a friendly NFT data search and query services for NFT devs and users in Moonbeam.

Moonscape (pre-launch): Moonscape brings a new way for fans and enthusiasts to engage in the DeFi and NFT economies.

Biconomy & Exiled Racers: Exiled Racers, a Moonbeam native NFT project, was awarded Biconomy grant to create innovative, seamless user NFT mint experience and beyond.

IOSG Kickstarter Program: Derek Yoo, Moonbeam Founder, is a new mentor of the IOSGKickstarter program.


Karura: $aUSD, Karura’s & Acala’s native decentralized crypto-backed stablecoin is now live on Moonriver via XCM. xcAUSD is now supported and available to use in the Moonriver DeFi ecosystem.

xcUSDT Support via Statemine: $USDT is now available in the Moonriver Network as xcUSDT, via XCM integration with Statemine on Kusama.

Bifrost: Bifrost’s native token, BNS, is now live on Moonriver. Bifrost’s token can now be used as xcBNC, and MOVR is also available on Bifrost.

BlockchainSpace: This integration will bring innovative play-to-earn games to Moonriver, providing more P2E opportunities to BlockchainSpace’s guilds and gamers.

Moonbeam in the Media

We want to share with you some recently published articles about Moonbeam, our milestones, technology, and roadmap.

CryptoSlate |Moonriver be a part of 1.1M unlocked KSM in May as the leasing period comes to an end

Fireblocks |Platform Update: Moonbeam x Fireblocks

CoinTelegraph |Interoperability in Polkadot

Ambassador of the Month

Let’s celebrate the outstanding contributions and talent from our ambassador community.


Anna | Ukrainian Community

I’m Anna, and I have been in the blockchain space for over five years. A year ago, I discovered the Polkadot ecosystem and the Moonbeam project. I was amazed by Moonbeam and its mission to help hundreds of projects to go multi-chain. After studying the project, I decided to contribute to its development by spreading the word to Instagram users about everything they can do in the Moonbeam and Moonriver DeFi and NFT ecosystems.
Being part of the Moonbeam team has been one of my most significant milestones. I’m honored to manage the Moonbeam Instagram page and work with an outstanding group of ambassadors worldwide. I think we have done a very good job and I’m sure that there are a lot more exciting things to come. Moonbeam is not just a crypto project. It is a community of wonderful people from all over the world who are sincerely passionate about their work. This project has an amazing ambassador program that allows everyone to release their potential.

Join the Moonbeam Ambassador program and build the multi-chain future with us!
Apply to be an ambassador!

Upcoming Events

Here’s where you’ll find us speaking and demonstrating Moonbeam.

Virtual | Moonbuilders Community Call

  • Wednesday, May 4th | April Wrap Up

Virtual | Moonbeam Universe

Virtual | ? Moonbuilders Workshop

On-site Šibenik, Croatia | Blockdown NFT Festival from May 11-13

Our team will be attending the Blockdown NFT Festival in Croatia. Join our talks and workshops:

  • Talk: Moonbeam: A Top Destination for NFT DApp Builders
  • Workshop: Launching NFT DApps on an Ethereum-Compatible and Interoperable Environment in Polkadot With Moonbeam

On-site Palm Beach, Florida| Permissionless, by Blockworks from May 11-13

The Moonbeam team will be attending the Permissionless conference in Palm Beach. Connect with our team in the following events:

  • Visit us at booth 1019
  • Join Derek, Moonbeam Founder, in the panel “Cross-Chain Liquidity and Interoperability” on May 19

Recent Highlight Reel

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– Moonbeam Team