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The Moonbeam monthly dispatch brings you the latest news about Moonbeam and Moonriver, including network development, ecosystem, community updates, and more.

Top News


Moonbeam Expands Cross-Chain Capabilities with New LayerZero Deployment

With LayerZero, devs building connected contracts have an even wider array of secure messaging features at their disposal, making it easier to design applications that can tap into functionality across many remote blockchains.

Calling Moonbuilders: The Moonbeam Connected Contracts Hackathon is Now Open!

From Aug 15 to Sept 26, Moonbeam, Axelar, and Arrington Capital invite you to build and launch your cross-chain dApps on the Moonbeam network for a chance to win prizes from a $55,000 USDC award pool.

New Cross-Chain XCM-to-EVM Functionality is Being Tested on Moonbase Alpha, Moonbeam’s Testnet

This is the first proof-of-concept for EVM access through XCM on its Moonbase Alpha TestNet, with plans to bring this technology to Moonriver and Moonbeam soon.

Moonriver One Year Later

It’s been a year since Moonriver fully launched. In that time, the network, and the Kusama ecosystem in general, have come a long way. Take a look at some of the achievements, milestones, and adventures along the way.

Ecosystem Spotlight

The Moonbeam and Moonriver ecosystem continues to grow with over 270+ live integrations in the Moonbeam and Moonriver networks! Let’s take a look at recent updates and new integrations in the Moonbeam community and ecosystem ?

  • LayerZero has integrated the Moonbeam ecosystem. Moonbeam cross-chain dApp builders now have a wider array of secure messaging features at their disposal, making it easier to design applications that can tap into functionality across many remote blockchains.
  • Etherspot is a multi-chain smart wallet platform. Its SDK provides users in Moonbeam and Moonriver access to features such as multi-chain infrastructure, cross-chain transaction batching, meta-transactions, P2P payment channels & more.
  • Raresama, a community-driven NFT marketplace on Moonbeam Network. Raresama aims to introduce artists to the Polkadot ecosystem.
  • MyEtherWallet Enkrypt brings a multi-chain crypto wallet to Moonbeam and Moonriver token holders to access dapps across multiple blockchains.
  • Crystl is now live on Moonbeam, bringing Yield Optimizing strategies for StellaSwap, and projects in the ecosystem!
  • StellaSwap & Algebra’s collaboration brings Algebra’s concentrated liquidity AMM to Moonbeam.
  • GLMR Apes brings EVM-based Play & Earn Games to the Moonbeam community.

Ecosystem Growth: DAM Finance Receives Strategic Investment From Arrington Capital

DAM Finance is a protocol for creating purchasing power from cross-chain token portfolios. DAM will utilize Moonbeam’s infrastructure to unlock liquidity for assets native to other parachains and blockchains outside of the Dotsama ecosystem.


Moonbeam and Moonriver Continue to Expand its Cross-Chain Connections in the Dotsama Ecosystem

New XCM integrations:

  • Phala: PHA is now available in the Moonbeam Network. The GLMR token can now be used in SubBridge, a cross-chain router built on Phala, joining eight other assets already available.
  • Interlay: This integration brings interBTC and INTR Tokens to the network. InterBTC holders will be available to use their tokens alongside INTR in Moonbeam DeFi projects like StellaSwap or other apps.
  • Shiden (Astar): Users can now deposit Shiden’s token SDN on Moonriver. This integration brings together Moonriver and the Shiden WASM platform, joining two of the most active developer ecosystems in Dotsama to pave the way for developing interoperable apps within Kusama.
  • Litmus (Litentry): Litmus is a decentralized identity aggregator that aims to revolutionize how people interact with data by enabling the linking of user identities across multiple networks. Litmus’ token LIT can be deposited on Moonriver and used as xcLIT.


Ambassador of the Month

Let’s celebrate the outstanding contributions and talent from our ambassador community.

Joe (Djo), Senior Ambassador – Poland

“I have grown professionally in the Web3 space by being a Moonbeam Ambassador. I have improved my skills in designing and managing visual content for the Moonbeam Community on Instagram. I also had the opportunity to participate in Moonbeam events that opened the doors for me to connect with ecosystem projects and the crypto community.
I’m honored to be part of the Moonbeam Ambassador program and contribute to the growth of a project that is unlocking the multi-chain future.”

Join the Moonbeam Ambassador program and build the multi-chain future with us!

→ Apply to be an ambassador!

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Here’s where you’ll find us speaking and demonstrating Moonbeam.

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