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August is over already? Here is the Moonbeam update!

Moonbeam Routed Liquidity is LIVE
Moonbeam introduced the MRL feature to give users a one-click option for moving liquidity in and around Polkadot via XCM and Wormhole — and it has been popular! After only one week live, already over 1,000,000 USD had flowed through MRL to and from HydraDX, the first parachain to integrate and enable the feature. More to come!

📢 Top News

😎 Voting Made Easy with Delegation
Let’sss get readdyyy to vote!!! Governance puts the community in the driver seat to determine the direction of Moonbeam and it’s time to get involved. Have some fun and find your perfect delegate. How to choose? We got you.

…But there’s more!
🗳️ We tabulated the votes and got some juicy insights from the Moonbeam Voting Delegation Survey Results. Click to find out what the community REALLY thinks about delegation….

Ecosystem Grant On-Chain Voting is Complete!
The second batch of funds have been allocated by the community, so it’s time to get building. Congratulations to the recipients: Moonwell, Gamma, and Beamswap. View the on-chain results here and read about the process and proposals on the Moonbeam Foundation blog. 🚀

The Lunar Gaming Festival is Back
GLMR Apes is hosting the next leg of the LGF. Token holders staking to a participating collator are eligible for September prizes 👀

Meet the Winners from the Bear Necessities Hackathon
Get all the winners’ details and info about your next fave dApp on Moonbeam.

🌐 Ecosystem Spotlight

The Moonbeam and Moonriver ecosystem continues to grow with 300+ live integrations across the Moonbeam and Moonriver networks! Let’s take a look at recent updates.

ParaSpace cross-margin NFT lending protocol now supports Moonbeam for fungible and non-fungible tokens.

Fearless Wallet now supports Moonbeam and Moonriver XCM transfers.

Desig integration brings Desig Wallet with customized features to Moonbeam.

Pyth Network now supports GLMR in its price feeds for use in DeFi building across supported chains.

Prime Points Program Prime Points allow users to play a critical role in pioneering a new cross-chain ecosystem. Prime currently supports six chains so far including Moonbeam Network.

OnFinality Moonbeam Trace API is the latest addition to OnFinality’s suite of services, extending support to the Moonbeam network for seamless blockchain development and monitoring.

API3 announced Phase 2 of their dAPI rollout is live, bringing Managed dAPIs to Moonbeam! This means self-funded dAPIs, which launched in March, are now upgradable to managed dAPIs that rely on aggregated data feeds & API3 gas management services.

Zenlink Mega Aggregator is live on Moonbeam, allowing users to choose their desired tokens and amount, and automatically determine the most optimal trade path by spanning multiple DEXs and splitting the order, all to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

💜 Community

Revamped Ambassador Program
The new and improved Moonbeam Ambassador Program aims to reward contributors and showcase their hard work. We’ll soon be opening a beta program that features special access and rewards and uses a fully decentralized ambassador run system that is beta testing soon!

Not an ambassador yet? You can apply on the Moonbeam website.

New twitter handle:

📰Moonbeam in the News

Crypto News Flash
Polkadot’s Ecosystem Advancement: Moonbeam Enables Seamless Liquidity through Wormhole
Moonbeam Routed Liquidity simplifies access to significant liquidity across the Polkadot ecosystem using the Wormhole protocol.

Moonbeam Launches Routed Liquidity, Unlocking Billions in Wormhole Liquidity and Solving Fragmentation Issue Across Polkadot Ecosystem
Moonbeam Routed Liquidity provides an easy way for parachains on Polkadot to tap into external assets and users without undertaking independent integrations with bridge providers.

Let’s Talk Web3 marketing with Katie Butler
Director of Marketing at Distractive, and contributor to Moonbeam, discusses Moonbeam’s innovative blockchain platform.

🍾Moonbeam Announcements

How to Participate in OpenGov with Polkassembly on Moonbeam
Check Moonbeam Council members and motions, Technical Committee proposals, and more through Polkassembly’s user-friendly interface.

Moonbeam Unlocks Billions in Wormhole Liquidity: Solving Fragmentation in the Polkadot Ecosystem
New functionality allows the entire Polkadot ecosystem to easily access billions of dollars in liquidity via the Wormhole protocol with MRL.

Moonbeam Integrates with Nodle and the Internet of Things
Moonbeam’s XCM integration with Nodle Network brings NODL token to the Polkadot ecosystem, enabling seamless liquidity flow and real-world data utilization for innovative dApps.

🗓Highlighted Events

September 13-14: Moonbeamers will be on the ground at Token 2049 in Singapore.

September 14: A new Moonbuilders Workshop with Oak Network. Oak will discuss decentralized payments on Moonriver with Oak’s cross-chain DeFi solutions. Hint: You can schedule payments using polkadot.js and node.js. Register here.

October 2-3: Moonbeam is sponsoring SmartCon 2023 by Chainlink in Barcelona!

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– Moonbeam Team