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Moonbeam is closing out 2023 in style; let’s review December.

The Moonbeam Team hopes you had a fantastic festive season. A big shoutout to everyone for your awesome support over the past year. We’re super pumped for what’s coming up and can’t wait to dive into another year of adventures with you all. Here’s to making more great memories in 2024!

📢 Top News

The Lunar Gaming Festival Continues
The Moonbeam Lunar Gaming Festival is a community initiative brought to you by independent Collators and Games in the Moonriver and Moonbeam ecosystem – oh, and there is a prize pool. 🥇

LGF December kicked off with Moonfit Xmas Challenge.

Treasury Council Election Results
Exciting news! The on-chain referenda for the appointment of the new Treasury Council on both Moonbeam and Moonriver networks have concluded successfully. See the list of new members.

🌐 Ecosystem Spotlight

The Moonbeam and Moonriver ecosystem continues to grow with 300+ live integrations across the Moonbeam and Moonriver networks! Let’s take a look at recent updates.

NOWNodes private insurance for devs and enterprises serves as a gateway between Moonbeam ledger data and final solutions, launching global shared access to Moonbeam RCP Full Node.

Cometh dev platform is supporting builders on Moonbeam with its SDK featuring easy APIs, abstraction tools, and friendly UX!

Orb Labs, intent engine and interop stack, added support for Moonbeam.

Weblock bring a World Jiu-Jitsu Certifier to Moonbeam.

💜 Community

Stay up to date on Moonbeam Zealy, QuestN, Airlyft, Galxe.

For questions about anything ambassador related contact Phil (@Phyn) on Discord or Telegram.

Are you following the new Moonbeam official community X account yet? Follow.

🍾Moonbeam News & Announcements

Delivery Service Grupo RAO to Launch Web3 Powered Loyalty Program with DUX on Moonbeam
Get the details as Moonbeam partners with Grupo RÃO and DUX to launch a Web3-based loyalty program for Brazil’s leading Japanese food delivery service, leveraging blockchain technology for enhanced customer engagement and retention.

Moonbeam’s Strategic Focus Areas – Unlocking Real World Web3 Innovation
Read Moonbeam’s real world utility and potential and web3 strategy for 2024 and beyond!

Moonbeam Fast Finality Part 1 & Part 2
There was just too much alpha for one article! Find out why finality matters in cross-chain, and how Moonbeam finality works (plus how it compares to L2s).

Subsocial’s SUB Token Comes to Moonbeam Network
Subsocial connects to Moonbeam using XCM to bring the SUB token to the network.

What is Substrate?
Substrate is a versatile toolkit enabling developers to craft unique and powerful blockchains, laying the foundation for Moonbeam’s cross-chain capabilities and interoperability within the Polkadot ecosystem, bolstering efficiency and shared security. The more you know!

Choosing the Right Polkadot Wallet: Insights into Security, Functionality, and User Experience
Your private keys are the digital keys to your financial kingdom. Find out why it matter and which wallets are compatible with Polkadot assets.

🗓Highlighted Events

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– Moonbeam Team