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What a month! Our team has been busy connecting with our community and spreading the word about Moonbeam at ETHDenver 2022, our ecosystem continues to grow with exciting new integrations, and the Moonbeam Foundation announced the Take Flight distribution to participants was successfully completed.

We have a lot to update you on, let’s get started!


Whats New with Moonbeam & Moonriver

The Moonbeam Foundation Completed the Distribution of $GLMR Rewards to Take Flight Participants

$GLMR tokens were sent to the rewards address specified in the Token Purchase Agreement (TPA). GLMR token holders can use their tokens to stake with collators and earn rewards, and by using integrations in Moonbeam’s ecosystem.

Runtime 1200 Upgrade Brings Changes to Moonbeam’s Ethereum Compatibility Layer

The Moonbeam team continues to work to bring a seamless Ethereum environment for developers on Polkadot and Kusama. The latest technical upgrades to Moonriver and Moonbeam include introducing the building blocks for supporting EIP-1559 and the recent London hard fork on Ethereum, which significantly modified network’s the underlying fee structure and mechanisms. Read the announcement here.

New Projects Building on Moonbeam


Curve Finance -The most popular exchange liquidity pool on Ethereum that has the largest protocol by TVL, has arrived on Moonbeam!

Beefy Finance – New auto compounding vaults on Moonbeam.

SeaDex -This integration allows users to exchange their Crowns, RIB, and MSCP tokens ahead of the Closed Beta release of the Moonbeam exclusive Moonscape!

Zircon Finance -Zircon is a decentralized exchange with an integrated Pylon system that simplifies life for liquidity providers & enables a whole new dynamic to supply assets to the ecosystem, now on Moonbeam.

Polkamarkets -DeFi-Powered Prediction Market built for cross-chain information exchange and trading where users take positions on outcomes of real-world events–in a decentralized and interoperable platform based on Polkadot.


Axelar – Axelar network offers the unique capability allowing developers to build new connections across ecosystems, bridging, Defi, and other cross-chain enabled applications.


Moonbeam Multisig (Friendly Gnosis Safe Fork by Protofire) -Gnosis safe enables projects and individuals to fully customize crypto asset management for multi-signature wallets.

Covalent -its integration with Moonbeam will provide indexed APIs so developers can easily access historical Moonbeam blockchain data

Web3Go -The Moonbeam and Moonriver Web3Go Staking Dashboards are two powerful data dashboards that track staking activities in the Moonbeam & Moonriver Network and provide simulations of different staking schema.

OpenZeppelin -Open-source framework to build secure smart contracts.

DappLooker -Multi-chain analytics and visualization platform for blockchain networks and Dapps.


Blockchain Monster Hunt – The first NFT game that lives on multiple blockchains integrates on Moonbeam.


Klever Wallet enables GLMR token in the Klever ecosystem. With Klever Wallet, you can easily and securely receive and send using GLMR. In addition, we have activated our Charge feature, perfect for selling products or billing for services in GLMR.

New Projects Building on Moonriver


Lido – Stake your KSM with Lido for daily rewards and to put your staked assets to use across the Kusama DeFi space.

Moonwell – An open lending, borrowing, and decentralized finance protocol built on Moonbeam & Moonriver.

Solarbeam Stableswap – Solarbeam Foundation is proud to announce the adoption of the Stable AMM feature into both Solarbeam and Solarflare.

Ferrum – Integrates with Moonriver and brings a suite of products, including its cross-chain token bridge and staking as a service solution to the $MOVR community!

Chaotic Finance – A community-driven delta one asset protocol on Moonriver.

Polkamarkets – Polkamarkets has also been integrated into Moonriver.


Voyages (by the Damned Pirate Society) – A Moonriver native NFT with utility. With Voyages V1, pirates generate Treasure Maps (TMAP), a utility token that will be exchangeable for voyages. Voyages are part of skill-based gamified contracts which will allow users to earn the Pirateverse’s native currency, Doubloons.

Deployments Coming Soon to Moonbeam & Moonriver

Chainlink: A decentralized oracle network that provides this much-needed stream of information to the smart contracts that run on various blockchains.

Ignite Tournaments -Ignite Tournaments brings play-to-earn tournaments to Moonbeam and Moonriver.

Exiled Racers -Exiled Racers is a 3D NFT project that leverages Moonbeam’s EVM compatibility to deliver hyper-realistic NFTs & rewarding play-to-earn experiences!

Moonbeam in the Media

We want to share with you some recently published articles about Moonbeam, our milestones, technology, and roadmap.

Bitcoinist |Moonbeam’s Nascent Momentum Reshapes The Polkadot Smart Contract Landscape

The Defiant|Winners in Second Round of Polkadot Parachains Poised to Add Mojo to Expanding DOT Ecosystem

CryptoDaily |Moonbeam Network Completes Launch With Cross-Chain Capabilities & New Features On Polkadot

Finance Feeds |Moonbeam Lays The Groundwork for a New Era of DLT with a Truly Multichain Blockchain Ecosystem

Ambassador of the Month

A monthly program to celebrate the outstanding contributions from our ambassador community.


Ishimec | Polish Community

My name is Maxim. I’ve been in the crypto community for over five years but really got involved with projects in the ecosystem in 2020. This fascination began with Polkadot, where I learned about Moonbeam almost immediately. I got interested in Moonbeam because the project was created with the goal of tackling interoperability challenges.
I have been in the Moonbeam Ambassador program for around a year. I’ve supported the Moonbeam Polish community, and I’m also leading an initiative to keep all our international communities informed with a weekly recap of Moonbeam updates that is translated into 15+ languages. I love leading an initiative that brings helpful content to our communities worldwide! During my experience in the ambassador program, I’ve found that there’s space for all ideas and initiatives. The Moonbeam team evaluates every idea, gives feedback, and many initiatives are put into action! I feel we can all be heard.

Join the Moonbeam Ambassador program and build the multi-chain future with us!
Apply to be an ambassador!

Upcoming Events

Here’s where you’ll find us speaking and demonstrating Moonbeam.

Moonbeam Universe

Event series that connects our community with the Moonbeam ecosystem. Tune into our next sessions:

Seascape | Thursday, March 3
Learn more about the Seascape, a gaming platform based around DeFi and NFT economies.

Blockchain Monster Hunt | Thursday, March 17
Connect with the Blockchain Monster Hunt team and learn more about the game that allows players to continuously explore brand-new locations on the blockchain to hunt and battle monsters.

Multi-Chain Sessions

Join our conversations with projects in the Moonbeam ecosystem that are successfully pursuing multi-chain strategies.

Next sessions:
Zircon Finance | Thursday, March 3

Recent Highlight Reel

Presentation | Privacy on Polkadot by Derek Yoo

Panel Discussion | Bridges, Rollups, and Shared Security

Moonbeam at ETHDenver:

Workshop: Enabling Cross Chain Assets on Moonbeam with XCM

Presentation: Moonbeam: Bootstrapping an Ethereum Compatible Ecosystem On Polkadot

Panel: EVM Interoperability Across Ecosystems

Moonbeam Universe:

Moonwell: Open Lending, Borrowing, and Decentralized Finance Protocol

Moonbuilders Workshop:

How to Use Native Cross-Chain Capabilities on Moonriver

How to Integrate Transak to your DApp for a Fiat-to-MOVR Payment Onramp

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– Moonbeam Team