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The month of June was implementation-focused for the Moonbeam project.

There was a lot of activity in the Parity Frontier repo — including some contributions from the Moonbeam team — on the implementation of the Web3 RPC endpoints. This is a necessary component to enable Moonbeam’s Ethereum compatibility features.

We will be working on wrapping up the Web3 RPC initial implementation effort over the next couple weeks. Automated testing of the RPCs is the biggest outstanding item.

We have a few additional updates to share:

We also have two upcoming talks this month:

New Moonbeam Documentation Site

As mentioned, a big update is the launch of our new documentation site for Moonbeam, which can be found here:


The Moonbeam docs site has information about the motivations for the project, a technology overview, resource links, and “getting started” guides that walk through:

A few highlights from the guides follow.


In the screenshot above, we are configuring MetaMask to connect to a locally-running Moonbeam dev node. The Moonbeam node exposes Web3 compatible RPC endpoints such that MetaMask thinks it’s connecting to an Ethereum-based network.


In the screenshot above, Remix is connected to a locally-running Moonbeam node via MetaMask. The user is about to confirm the deployment of an ERC20 contract to Moonbeam that creates MYTOK.


The screenshot above shows transferring the created MYTOK tokens from one account to another via MetaMask.

Coming Up Next

For the month of July, our focus will continue to be on implementation.

We will be finishing our work on on the Web3-compatible RPCs in Substrate that are the basis of our Web3 Foundation grant. After this, we will be working on a unified account system in Moonbeam and the incentive mechanics for collators. 

We also will be doing live demos of Moonbeam at a Substrate builder’s virtual event on Tuesday July 21.

Join Our Community

Are you interested in trying out the Ethereum compatibility features of Moonbeam? We would love to hear from you. Please reach out to us on Riot.