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@MoonbeamNetwork celebrates 300k Twitter (or is it X?) followers! Is it getting hot in here or was it just… July 🔥

Ecosystem Grant Snapshot Voting Wraps Up 🗳
The snapshot votes designed to inform the latest batch of ecosystem grants have both completed. In both the first and second votes, teams fought it out for community support to decide the allocation of the Moonbeam ecosystem grants. Congratulations to the winning teams: TF Alpha, Moonwell, Gamma, and Beamswap! This phase of voting will be quickly followed by on-chain voting to make each grant official, so stay tuned!

📢 Top News

The Lunar Gaming Festival is Back. This community initiative brings together two of the most active corners of the ecosystem: gaming and staking. Last month, those who staked to eligible collators earned an NFT for Exiled Racers’ Lunar Racing Cup. This month, anyone staked by July 31 is in the running for a shiny new NFT to use in The Great Escape game. Claim yours here!

MBIP-5: Gas-Based Storage Limit was chosen by the community to increase Moonbeam’s storage. The network is growing quickly so to ensure sustainability and security as it expands, MBIP-5 increase the amount of “gas” per transaction depending on how much storage space is used (as calculated by Moonbeam’s Ethereum JSON RPC). The more storage space needed, the more gas the transaction will use. Read the full discussion on the forum.

🚀 Moonbeam Accelerator Demo Day Success! Check out the replay for the inside scoop on AirLyft, BrainDEX, ChainJet, Evrloot, The Great Escape, JR Studio, Koingaroo, Moonbeans, and Superhedge.

Bear Necessities 🐻 Hackathon Wraps Up. Speaking of the ecosystem heating up… The Bear Necessities Hackathon by Moonbeam, Multichain & AWS ended this month. Check the winners and their projects on Twitter (more details to follow soon!).

What’s Gov Got to Do With It? 🎶 The latest forum discussions have delved into the upcoming implementation of Delegated Voting on Moonriver and Moonbeam, with some invaluable community input that has helped shape a new Community Delegate Code of Conduct to ensure integrity and effectiveness of the new voting mechanism. To stay updated on the future of governance, join the discussions on our Community Forum.

🌐 Ecosystem Spotlight

The Moonbeam and Moonriver ecosystem continues to grow with 300+ live integrations across the Moonbeam and Moonriver networks! Let’s take a look at recent updates.

Web3Go has an improved dashboard for tracking Moonbeam dApp activity is live with all kinds of insights! supports Moonbeam for chat and donations on Subsocial.

Ledger Live has integrated with Moonriver so MOVR holders can use the hardware wallet to transact and manage tokens

SeaScape launched the first strategy game on Moonbeam. Play Moonscape Return to the Moon here.

RockX blockchain infrastructure & staking solutions now supports Moonbeam

Hashport integrated with Moonbeam for secure token porting

Koingaroo launched its self-custody cross-chain DeFi app on Moonbeam so users can access their funds from one spot.

💜 Community

Revamped Ambassador Program
The new and improved Moonbeam Ambassador Program aims to reward contributors and showcase their hard work. We’ll soon be opening a beta program that features special access and rewards and uses a fully decentralized ambassador run system that is beta testing soon!

Not an ambassador yet? You can apply on the Moonbeam website.

📰 Moonbeam in the News

Messari Crypto Research: State of Polkadot Q2 2023
The report found that Moonbeam has the highest TVL, and along with Nodle, the most developer activity in the Polkadot ecosystem, and more! 🏆

🍾 Recent Announcements

Centrifuge Institutional Ecosystem Integrates with Moonbeam
Moonbeam and Centrifuge have joined forces. Find out how seamless token flow enhances liquidity, DeFi innovation, and cross-chain connectivity in the Polkadot ecosystem.

OAK & Turing Network Bring Transaction Automation to Moonriver Developers
This latest integration with the Turing Network brings powerful transaction automation to Moonriver. Get details about how devs can now automate transactions on Moonriver using OAK. Go Web3!

Moonbeam Introduces Powerful Interoperability Features to Polkadot
Moonbeam’s recent runtime upgrade unleashes advanced interoperability for multi-chain apps with exciting features include a new GMP precompile for bridged liquidity, the ability to impact Moonbeam’s EVM using XCM (cross-chain messages) and even OpenGov. But what does it mean?! Check it out.

🗓 Highlighted Events

August 17: A new Moonbuilders Workshop with Apillon. Apillon provides a drag&drop service that offers a fast and simple way to create a personalized NFT collection in minutes. This workshop will walk through the drag&drop process and through API keys for building the collections.

September 13-14: Moonbeamers will be on-the-ground at Token 2049 in Singapore

October 2-3: Moonbeam is sponsoring SmartCon 2023 by Chainlink in Barcelona!

🔁 Replays: If you missed Alberto Viera’s ETHcc talk, Cross-Chain EVM Calls in a Multichain Future, or Derek Yoo’s presentation at Decoded, Polkadot as a Web3 Cloud, you can catch both of those replays now.

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– Moonbeam Team