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The Moonbeam ecosystem keeps growing. ?​ We have some great stuff in this issue: new partners and projects building on Moonbeam, recent presentations (both technical & non-technical), and a preview of what’s coming next in Moonbeam!

What’s New on Moonbeam!


PureStake Closes $6M Strategic Round of Funding for the Moonbeam Network

Yesterday, PureStake (the company developing Moonbeam) announced the completion of a $6 million strategic round led by CoinFund. The round included participation from Binance Labs, ParaFi, Coinbase Ventures, Fenbushi Capital, IOSG Ventures, and previous seed investors.

These are great news, as it will allow PureStake to hire additional development resources, build more integrations and developer tools, perform third-party security audits, and establish a market presence in Asia. These activities will position the team for a successful launch of the Moonbeam network in 2021.

Read the announcement here.


A Look at Moonriver: The Kusama Implementation of the Moonbeam Network

This morning, we shared a new blog post about Moonriver, a community-led, fully Ethereum-compatible parachain on Kusama. Moonriver is the sister network of Moonbeam and also has unmatched Ethereum compatibility beyond the EVM, making it easy to use popular Ethereum developer tools to build or redeploy Solidity projects in a Substrate-based environment.

The Moonbeam team is focused on having the most widely adopted languages and tools. That’s why Moonbase Alpha TestNet has dozens of live integrations! This means that Moonriver will also have a fully-developed robust ecosystem of DeFi, NFT, and other decentralized projects actively using the network.

To fund the Moonriver parachain slot on Kusama, the Moonbeam Foundation will run a crowdloan on behalf of the network. More details about the crowdloan will come very soon.

Read the blog post to know more about the Moonriver Network, the anticipated launch process, and some key concepts related to the crowdloan in this blog post.

New Partners & Projects Building on Moonbeam


Balancer’s Programmable Liquidity is Coming to Moonbeam and Polkadot

We launched a new collaboration with the Parity team to port the Balancer protocol to Moonbeam! This move adds an important capability to the growing DeFi ecosystem on both Moonbeam and Polkadot.

Moonbeam is the easiest entry point for developers trying to build applications on Polkadot. Our Ethereum compatibility features are an excellent fit for a port of the Balancer protocol by making it possible to leverage the existing codebase to have a Polkadot-based deployment. In return, Polkadot-based assets such as DOT and other parachain tokens will be made available as ERC-20s to the instance of Balancer on Moonbeam.

We are looking for devs or a team interested in maintaining the Balancer deployment on Moonbeam and Polkadot. Balancer and Moonbeam will provide grants to the team that is selected to work on this project.

Find more information by reading the announcement here.

Moonbeam and Seascape Team Up to Boost the DeFi and NFT Market on the Polkadot Ecosystem

We recently partnered with SeaScape, an online game platform designed for the DeFi and NFT economy. Moonbeam’s unmatched Ethereum compatibility allows the Seascape team to re-deploy a version of their existing Ethereum-based games portfolio to the Moonbeam platform and reach new users in the growing Polkadot ecosystem.

Stay tuned! Seascape is also developing a game that is exclusive to Moonbeam! This game will leverage the power of multi-chain and bring in DeFi innovations.

Read the announcement here.

Moonbeam and Subscan Partner to Launch Substrate-Based Block Explorer for the Moonbase Alpha TestNet

We announced an initial integration with Subscan, a Substrate-based block explorer. Now users of Moonbase Alpha (our TestNet) can use Subscan to gain a detailed view of what is happening on the network, including block production, transfers, extrinsics, and other Substrate-specific information related to staking and governance. Recently, the Subscan team also added support for our governance features to their explorer.

The Moonbeam team is constantly expanding its integrations portfolio to provide the best possible UX for developers. This is why we’re glad to work with Subscan to create a unique and robust block explorer for Moonbeam users.

Additionally, as a long-term partnership, the Moonbeam and Subscan teams will work together to add advanced EVM functionality to the block explorer over time, which will benefit Moonbeam users and users of any other Frontier-based parachains on Polkadot and Kusama.

Read the announcement here.

DIA’s Oracles Are Now Integrated into Moonbase Alpha to Enable Easy DApp Development on the Polkadot Network

Last week, we announced that DIA’s oracles are now live on Moonbeam’s TestNet, Moonbase Alpha. DIA’s open-source-price oracles enable easy DApp development on the network. This integration will allow DApp developers to build applications with multi-sourced and verified data quickly.

DIA’s oracles are a great addition to Moonbeam’s portfolio of integrations, which is the biggest one in the Polkadot parachain ecosystem. Moonbeam’s goal is to offer the best possible experience for developers, and we make this possible by providing the richest and most complete set of integrations.

Read the announcement here.

Moonbeam in the Media


We want to share with you some articles that were recently published and talk about Moonbeam, our purpose, and what is coming up next!

See all the latest news, information, and technical releases for the Moonbeam project at

Upcoming Events


Cryptolark <> Moonbeam AMA  Thursday, April 1

The Moonbeam team will participate in an AMA with Cryptolark. This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the Moonbeam project and get answers to any questions you might have! » Subscribe to Crypto Lark’s Newsletter to participate in the AMA.

PolkaFrance Live AMA  Saturday, April 3

Alan, Moonbeam VP of Engineering, will participate in our first AMA for the French-speaking community. Learn more about the Moonbeam Project, its fantastic ecosystem, and the project roadmap! » Join the AMA here.

Polka Häus Clubhouse | Moonbeam: Ethereum-Compatible Smart Contract Parachains Wednesday, April 6

Join us and learn more about the Moonbeam and Moonriver networks. Derek Yoo, Moonbeam Founder, will talk about Moonbeam’s technology that is making the multi-chain future a reality and its extensive portfolio of integrations in the Polkadot ecosystem. This will be an engaging conversation and is a great way to try Clubhouse if you haven’t already! » Add this event to your calendar here.

Moonbuilders Workshop: Using ChainSafe’s ChainBridge on Moonbeam Thursday, April 7

Greg Markou, CTO at ChainSafe, will walk you through the ChainBridge integration on the Moonbeam Platform and showcase how to use it. Learn about ChainBridge’s features and how developers can leverage them to bridge their value, information, and assets across multiple chains. » Register here.

Chainlink Hackathon Challenge: Build on Moonbeam! ?​ Accepting submission until April 11

Open now! This hackathon is an excellent opportunity to try the Chainlink oracle integration on Moonbeam and participate to win fabulous prizes (1st place: 3,000, 2nd place: $2000). » Register and participate here.

Talks You May Have Missed

Moonbuilders Workshop: Getting Started with Moonbeam

Alberto, from the Moonbeam team, provided a technical overview of the Moonbeam platform and its Ethereum compatibility features. Alberto also showcased technical tutorials using Ethereum tools like web3.js, ethers.js, Truffle, Hardhat. Watch the presentation here.

DeFi Demo Day | Demo of the Balancer and SushiSwap Integrations on Moonbeam

See a proof-of-concept demo of the recent Balancer integration on Moonbeam, including functionality like overwriting, pool management, and more. Additionally, the SushiSwap team also showcased the deployment of SushiSwap in Moonbase Alpha, Moonbeam’s TestNet, including their new BentoBox lending and borrowing protocol. Watch the presentations here: Balancer Demo | SushiSwap Demo

Polka DeFiance | Panel: Polkadot As A Solution to Scalability

Derek Yoo, Moonbeam Founder, participated in the panel discussing Polkadot as a solution to scalability, where he talked about his multi-chain vision and how Moonbeam is designed to complement and extend existing Ethereum-based projects that want to expand to Polkadot. Watch the presentation here.

Polkadot Ecosystem Panel by Injective Protocol

Derek Yoo, Moonbeam Founder, participated in a panel organized by Injective Protocol. Derek talked about Moonbeam, the project that is making the multi-chain future a reality. Also, learn about Moonbeam’s robust and powerful ecosystem with dozens of integrations in the dApp, NFT, and DeFi spaces. Watch the presentation here.

Chainlink Hackathon: How to Get Started in Moonbeam and Use Chainlink Oracles

Learn how to get started on Moonbeam and use the Chainlink integration. This presentation will also walk you through how to create a local Moonbeam node for testing, connecting to MetaMask, how to use Web3.js, Ethers.js, and, and deploy contracts with Truffle and Hardhat. Watch the presentation here.

Mapping the Polkadot Ecosystem

Derek Yoo, Moonbeam Founder, participated in the podcast “Mapping the Polkadot Ecosystem.” Learn more about the Moonbeam project, what our team is doing to make the multi-chain future a reality & the challenges as an “Ethereum on Polkadot.” Listen to the podcast here.

That’s it for this month! As always, you can keep in touch via Discord, Twitter, Telegram, or our newsletter.

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