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Ready for a mega-recap of March and April? Here goes.

🚀 Moonbeam Accelerator Kicks Off

The first cohort of teams in the Moonbeam Accelerator is off to the races, working with the mentors from across the Web3 landscape to pioneer cross-chain connected contracts in the Moonbeam Ecosystem. Follow @MoonAccelerator on Twitter for all the updates!

📢 Top News

  • Spring 2023 Ecosystem Grants: The Community has Spoken! 2,600 voters turned out for the Snapshot vote to allocate the latest batch of ecosystem grants and the results were approved via an on-chain vote. Recipients for this round include Beamswap, DAM Finance, Prime Protocol, and StellaSwap. Read the announcement for more information on how the program works and each team plans to use the grant. Let the grants begin!!
  • Meet Distractive, a freshly-minted contributor to the Moonbeam ecosystem dedicated to all things marketing, growth, and ecosystem development. Distractive is a new agency devoted to growing the Moonbeam ecosystem and all those who reside within it. Distractive’s launch announcement is here.
  • A Vote to Bring 🦄 Uniswap v3 to Moonbeam has Passed a Temperature Check. Michigan Blockchain submitted a proposal to continue the integration that passed a Uniswap community vote last year. The next step will be to commence the finalization of the relevant stakeholders mentioned in the RFC. Stakeholder debates take place in the Uniswap Forums.
  • Moonbeam went to Consensus & ETH Boston. In addition to hosting our own booth at Consensus, ecosystem teams StellaSwap, Beamswap, and Exiled Racers showed some serious Moonbeam pride at the massive Polkadot booth. Thanks to everyone who came out!
  • Join the Moonbeam Crew on… Zealy (formerly Crew3). It’s official! Moonbeam is on Zealy, posting quests for the community and beyond. Earn XP and support the ecosystem by spreading the word and having fun.
  • 🍕 The Moonriver Rise Pizza Party is complete! Knock knock, who’s there? PIZZA MAGIC. New community members celebrated their wins after joining the Moonbeam forum party and racking up badges! The pizza party celebrated Moonriver on April 6th, with prizes and fun. Badges can still be earned in the Community Forum.
  • 🎨 World Art Day + Web3 = Moonbeam? Moonbeam joined artists and design experts in the world of digital ownership and NFTs to explore the revolution happening in Web3. View the replay.
  • A New Dynamic Fee Mechanism is live on Moonriver (runtime 2200) and Moonbeam (runtime 2302). This new fee system accommodates fluctuations in network usage to make transaction fees more predictable and stable. This means fees should respond well to block congestion. Deployment of this feature was expedited on Moonbeam to offset transaction activity that was increasing the size of the chain state (more on that here). Dive into this Community Voice session to learn more about how dynamic fees work.

🌐 Ecosystem Spotlight

The Moonbeam and Moonriver ecosystem continues to grow with 300+ live integrations in the Moonbeam and Moonriver networks! Let’s take a look at recent updates.

  • API3DAO launched self-funded dAPIs! With this new feature, devs can now make use of real-time cryptocurrency & forex data on Moonbeam & Moonriver API3 Market’s self-serve process!
  • Athos Finance Debt Terminator allows users to easily interact with liquidation contracts through their new DApp, instead of directly with the contract, to help safeguard the protocol.
  • Beamswap launched the beta version of BEAMEX, a new decentralized perpetual exchange on Moonbeam.
  • Bounce Finance, a decentralized auction platform is up and running on Moonriver and Moonbeam.
  • Carrier, the token & NFT bridge, supports Moonbeam. Thanks to the combined efforts of Automata Network & Wormhole, Carrier now empowers users w/ advanced features.
  • CoinSender, a multi-transactional crypto payout platform, now supports Moonbeam!
  • Cumulon Protocol supports Moonriver and Moonbeam with staking and liquidity so you can stake across networks!
  • HashKey DID, the NFT-based decentralized identity service, now supports decentralized storage feature & smart contract-based privacy technology across multiple chains using LayerZero on Moonbeam. Watch the AMA with the team.
  • MetaFab now supports Moonbeam, acting as a self-serve solution for games and gamified apps to integrate powerful blockchain infrastructure in minutes, not months.
  • ONTO Wallet, the DID-based gateway for a seamless Web3 experience, adds support for Moonbeam & Moonriver!
  • Pangolin DEX supports Moonbeam with cross-chain swaps between multiple chains, including Avalanche, Ethereum, & more, via its built-in feature BridgeSwap!
  • StellaSwap launches universal router for auto-routing trades between AMMs for efficiency & better UX
  • TaskOn, a web3 task platform to track and reward on and off-chain activity now supports Moonriver.
  • ZooDAO launched its NFT battle application on Moonbeam, bringing utility and NFT communities together to duke it out in an interactive battle format.

💜 Community

Let’s celebrate the outstanding contributions and talent from our ambassador community.

Ambassador of the Month: Andrii


“It’s been almost two years since I applied for the Ambassador role at Moonbeam and it’s been an amazing ride. This opportunity kickstarted my growth in the crypto world and I’m so grateful to Moonbeam for providing me with the platform to showcase my potential, share my ideas, and hone my skills. I’m overjoyed that I was able to contribute to Moonbeam’s success along the way.

I have to give a huge shoutout to the incredible support I received from the Moonbeam team and my fellow Ambassadors throughout my time as an Ambassador. Their unwavering support and encouragement gave me the confidence to execute many successful events, challenges, and other initiatives.

I’m absolutely thrilled to see that the Ambassadors I’ve helped recently have already become Seniors. To all new Ambassadors out there, I encourage you to go all out and pursue your ideas. With the help of the team and the Ambassador community, you’ll be able to achieve great things. Trust me, I speak from experience!”

Join the Moonbeam Ambassador program and build the multi-chain future with us! → Apply to be an ambassador!

📅 Highlighted Events

World Art Day and Web3 with Moonbeam

Rewatch the online conference about bridging the gap between the Web2 art world and NFTs from April.

Moonriver Rise Pizza Party

Watch the Crowdcast to hear what is new with co-host Qoda Finance and watch people eat too much pizza.

The Post-Mint Reality: Real World NFT Use Cases

In this session of Moonbeam Universe in March, ecosystem team members hosted a lively discussion on the impact of cross-chain technology on the NFT space. Topics included NFT gaming, real-world use cases, cross-chain NFTs, and the evolution of composable and collaborative NFTs! Watch the replay.

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