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Welcome to the monthly Moonbeam Dispatch: an email newsletter with all our Moonbeam-related announcements and updates in one place.

Since we are getting closer to the Moonriver launch, the team is working hard on exciting technology updates, expanding our portfolio of integrations, and working with the Moonbeam Foundation to finalize the details of the Moonriver crowdloan.

In this newsletter, you’ll hear about our many new partners and projects building on Moonbeam, recent presentations (both technical & non-technical), and what’s coming next!

What’s New with Moonbeam & Moonriver


Moonriver Crowdloan Pre-Registration Now Open!

Great news! The Moonbeam Foundation announced today that the Moonriver crowdloan is now open for pre-registration. Get started by visiting the crowdloan pre-registration site.

The Moonriver crowdloan pre-registration process is a way for individuals who intend to participate in the crowdloan to register their KSM address and complete the Moonriver Crowdloan Terms and Conditions in advance before the crowdloan officially opens.

» Read the announcement here.

Additional helpful resources:

About the Moonriver Crowdloan

To launch the Moonriver network to Kusama, the project must secure enough funds to cover the cost of leasing a parachain slot on the network. To meet this objective, the Moonbeam Foundation will run a crowdloan campaign on behalf of the network.

Crowdloans are a great way of supporting projects to get a parachain slot in the Kusama network. The Moonbeam Foundation has allocated 30% of Moonriver tokens (MOVR) to be distributed as rewards for participants in the crowdloan. By putting a significant portion of MOVR tokens into the hands of community members immediately after launch, the community will have more influence over the direction of the network.

To learn more about the Moonriver crowdloan, visit the following sites:

Moonriver Readiness

The Moonbeam team is in the final testing phase of the technology that will be deployed to Moonriver. Check out our last technology updates!

Moonbase Alpha TestNet is Upgraded to v8 and is Feature-Complete for Moonriver Launch

Last week, we announced an upgrade to Moonbase Alpha (our TestNet) to v8. This is the last major Moonbase Alpha upgrade before the launch of Moonriver (our deployment to Kusama). In this release, the Moonbeam team increased the stability of debugging and tracing nodes, set a minimum gas price, completed the initial implementation of parachain staking functionality, and included multiple other components needed for the Moonriver launch.

» Learn more about the Moonriver crowdloan here.

The Role of Rococo in the Moonriver Launch Strategy

The Moonbase Alpha TestNet has been one of the greatest assets as we build out Moonbeam and Moonriver. By running as a parachain from the start, we are in a much better position to launch Moonriver and Moonbeam.

That said, we still get asked about Rococo from time to time. To illustrate our compatibility, the Moonbeam team deployed Moonrock, a parachain based on the current Moonbase Alpha codebase to Rococo.

» Learn more about Moonrock here.

New Partners & Projects Building on Moonbeam


The DODO team is expanding to Polkadot via Moonbeam’s TestNet, Moonbase Alpha! Moonbeam’s multi-chain approach was an excellent fit for DODO, which also lives in Ethereum, Binance Chain, and Huobi Eco. This fantastic integration will allow

Polkadot and Moonbeam users interact with the unique benefits provided by DODO’s innovative Proactive Market Maker (PMM).

» Read the announcement here.


Moonbeam announced its integration with OpenZeppelin, an open-source framework to build secure smart contracts! This fantastic integration provides Moonbeam devs and users with the ability to seamlessly create, manage, and deploy smart contracts using the full set of OpenZeppelin tools, including their contract wizard. By making it even easier to create and deploy smart contracts and tokens, the Moonbeam DeFi ecosystem will be able to rapidly expand to include a rich set of native assets!

» Read the announcement here.


The Ankr team will now expand to Polkadot by porting its Ethereum based code via Moonbeam. This integration will allow Moonbeam devs to rapidly spin up a node in just a few clicks and access WS and HTTPS RPC endpoints in a user-friendly and reliable manner.

» Read the announcement here.


Moonbeam and Polkassembly integration will allow Moonbeam users to browse proposals made on-chain, discuss them with the community, and vote directly from the Polkassembly website using a browser extension.

» Read the announcement here.


The Livetree team completed an initial successful integration to deploy its existing Ethereum-based contracts into Moonbeam. The complete integration will involve porting all of Livetree Ethereum-based crowdfund and data governance smart contracts to Moonbeam and creating a bridge from the Ethereum MainNet.

» Read the announcement here.

Convergence Finance

The Moonbeam and Convergence teams will work together to bring the first real-world asset, AMM, to Polkadot! This integration will allow Moonbeam users to access lower gas fees, faster transactions and create an overall efficient trading experience!

» Read the announcement here.


Moonbeam has proven itself -again- to be the easiest ramp to Polkadot! This integration will also open the doors for Moonbeam and Polkadot users to access Polkamarkets’ live prediction markets in crypto, esports, sports, among others.

» Read the announcement here.

Ceramic and IDX

Ceramic joins the Moonbeam ecosystem! Since Moonbeam uses the same keypairs and wallets as Ethereum, signing and authentication for Ceramic’s data streams are also supported out of the box. This integration will allow Moonbeam devs to use Ceramic’s streaming data and cross-chain identity protocols.

» Read the announcement here.


The Moonbeam and the I Bet You team will collaborate to launch the IBY protocol and Dapp on Polkadot. This integration will allow Moonbeam and Moonriver token holders to use their Glimmer (GLMR) and Moonriver (MOVR) tokens in fun and meaningful ways like creating personalized bets, challenge friends, or anyone on anything.

» Read the announcement here.

Ethereum-Based Block Explorer

Developers building on Moonbeam now has access to an Ethereum-based block explorer so they can look inside blocks to understand smart contract calls, token movement & other EVM-specific functionality.

» Learn more here.


API3 integration with Moonbeam will make Airnode-enabled APIs available to Moonbeam devs, helping improve off-chain data availability for the Polkadot ecosystem. This integration is also the first step on the path to deploying dAPIs (data feeds) to Moonbeam to provide dApps with truly quantifiably secured, DAO-aggregated data!

» Read the announcement here.

New on the Moonbeam Blog

What is a Crowdloan? Its Benefits and How to Participate

Since the Polkadot community is getting ready for the parachains auctions, the word “crowdloan” is very popular nowadays. Learn more about what a crowdloan is, why you should care, and what you can expect if you plan to participate in a crowdloan.

Upcoming Events

Here’s where you’ll find us speaking and demonstrating Moonbeam.

Moonbeam Universe: Meet the LiveTree Team

June 8

Join Mateo (MAD Cripto), Moonbeam Senior Ambassador and Ashley Turing in the first episode of Moonbeam Universe. These new series of meetups create a unique networking space designed for the Moonbeam community to connect with the teams behind the projects in our ecosystem.

» Register here.

AMA with Moonbeam and The Dude

June 10

Join us on June 10th for an AMA with Moonbeam and The Dude to learn more about The Moonriver crowdloan. The top 5 community questions will receive $150 so don’t miss out!

Join us here

Talks You May Have Missed

You can keep track of which events we’re going to be attending in the future here.

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