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Ready for a recap? It’s gonna be Maaaaay…and June 🙂

Moonbeam brings Uniswap to Moonbeam

The most popular DEX by daily trading volume proposal has passed on Polkadot. Say hello to liquidity via Wormhole. And have you heard about Moonbeam Routed Liquidity yet? 👀

🚀 Moonbeam Accelerator Demo Day: Unveiling Innovation is live July 12th 2:00 p.m. UTC. Watch teams pitch the innovative startups they are building on Moonbeam from your virtual front-row seat to inspiring solutions of the ecosystem pioneers! Get the inside scoop on AirLyft, BrainDEX, ChainJet, Evrloot, The Great Escape, JR Studio, Koingaroo, Moonbeans, and Superhedge.

📢 Top News

Moonbeam Parachain slot renewal success means Moonbeam will continue to lead the Polkadot ecosystem until 2025.

Prime Protocol brings Crypto Revolution on Moonbeam

The Moonbeam community welcomes the first cross-chain DeFi protocol to the Polkadot ecosystem. Prime lets users borrow against assets on any supported chain without bridging, swapping or wrapping.

🧸In collaboration with major UK charity platform that fundraises for a number of charities Just Giving, Teddy DAO on Moonbeam is fundraising for nonprofits using NFT bears. 

🗳️A penny for your thoughts? Check out the Moonbeam Voting Delegation survey (now closed 🙁). Results and announcement of the 20 winners of $100 USDC coming up!

Wormhole announced its $50M Cross-Chain Ecosystem Fund to support the development & growth of early-stage DApps on Moonbeam that leverage Wormhole’s x-chain messaging protocol.

Governance & the Moonbeam Community Forum is alive! This month we discussed the GMP Precompile for Automatic Liquidity Routing, Voting approved opening HRMP Channels with HydraDX, Nodle, and Manta. GLMR holders Snapshot voted on Moonbeam Improvement Proposal to manage Moonbeam’s storage growth. Find out what’s next in governance!

🌐 Ecosystem Spotlight

The Moonbeam and Moonriver ecosystem continues to grow with 300+ live integrations across the Moonbeam and Moonriver networks! Let’s take a look at recent updates.

Beamswap’s Beamex is live on Moonbeam — the first perpetual DEX!

VentureFlow Web3 SaaS platform manages investment pipeline and data and supports Moonbeam.

Singular launched its marketplace on Moonbeam as the first EVM chain to get advanced NFTs.

Orbiter One peer-to-peer cross-chain lending protocol comes to Moonbeam DeFi. 

HydraDX integrated with Moonbeam in a step toward solving fragmented liquidity.

Mangata X Kusama Dex integration enables token transfers on Moonriver. 

Equilibrium brings extended DeFi to Moonbeam with a new integration.

SubWallet has a new interface for all your non-custodial Polkadot, Substrate, and Ethereum wallet needs. 

Klever Wallet added support for Moonbeam & Moonriver making GLMR & MOVR accessible via the Klever Wallet browser extension or mobile wallet app.

Quest of Evolution launched on Moonbeam to leverage the interoperability and EVM to deploy multichain cryptonovels.

Particle Network now supports Moonbeam for seamless login experience and enhanced dApp security 

EasyA is delivering the first ever mobile Polkadot crash course on Moonbeam. 

Apillon development platform adds support for Moonbeam so devs can BUIDL more efficiently. 

Qoda Finance is live on Moonbeam with lending and borrowing services.

De.Fi Web3 Antivirus & SuperApp security tools including Shield Security are integrated with Moonbeam. 

📰Moonbeam in the News

Coindesk Features

Uniswap will deploy on Polkadot parachain Moonbeam

The decentralized exchange gets a Polkadot version via the Moonbeam network.

Web3 Charity Teddy DAO is Raising Money Through Daily NFT Auctions

Teaming up with fundraising platform JustGiving, Teddy DAO will hold a daily auction of teddy bear NFTs, allowing the buyer to donate proceeds to a charity of their choosing.

About Prime Launch on Moonbeam

Farewell Token Bridges and Wrapped Assets, Prime Protocol Says

DeFi Broker Prime Protocol Introduces Bridgeless Cross-Chain Token Transfers

🗓Highlighted Event

ETH Barcelona will host the Moonbeam Team July 5-9 in Spain

ETH Community Conference Paris, France July 17-20

The Bear Necessities Hackathon by Moonbeam, Multichain & AWS encourages building with core Web3 infrastructure to the tune of over $70k in prizes! Kicked off on May 30th and has a new extended deadline of July 4th. Watch the replay.

Moonbuilders Workshop with Apillon: Effortless NFT Creation & API Integration with Apillon’s Drag&Drop| July 13, 12:00pm EDT

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– Moonbeam Team