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It has been a busy and exciting month for the Moonbeam community! We have an overflow of news and major updates to share with you, including that Moonbeam has secured a slot in Polkadot, new integrations on Moonriver, new projects building on Moonbeam, and much more!


Moonbeam Has Won a Parachain Slot on Polkadot

Moonbeam has secured a slot in Polkadot! The Moonbeam crowdloan closed on November 22nd, 2021, with over 35M DOT (~$1.4 billion USD) contributed by over 200,000 supporters around the world. Moonbeam has received the highest number of contributors and DOT accumulated across all other parachains.

In appreciation for the overwhelming community support, the Moonbeam Foundation has added 50 million GLMR tokens to the crowdloan reward pool. This brings the total rewards to 150M or 15% of the genesis token supply. Read the announcement.

Whats New with Moonriver

Moonriver Hits Growth Milestone

This month, Moonriver has achieved over 9M transactions, 285k+ wallets, 880k staked MOVR with collators (~$320M USD), and 2k+ ERC-20 tokens created in the network.

Now Listed on Binance

This month, Binance listed $MOVR as a wallet asset, which means users can now deposit and withdraw MOVR for trading.

Native Ledger Support

A native Moonriver app is now live on Ledger. You can now use your Ledger device to sign transactions on Moonriver without extra configuration steps.

Highlighted Integration: Sushi

Sushi liquidity mining is officially live on Moonriver! MOVR holders can swap, pool, and farm on SushiSwap to receive generous rewards with APRs.

To use Sushi, learn more by reading Sushi’s tutorial.

New Partners & Projects Building on Moonbeam

The Moonriver and Moonbeam ecosystems have been booming, with dozens of deployments being onboarded each month. Here are some of this month’s additions that we want to highlight:

Live Deployments on Moonriver


Beefy Protocol: A decentralized, multi-chain yield optimizer platform that allows its users to earn compound interest on their crypto holdings. Moonriver became the 9th chain on which Beefy Finance was deployed.

Rubic: A Multi-Chain Swap Protocol that allows you to swap any of 9500+ tokens, on and between 8 blockchains in one click. Now our users make swaps from any token on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Avalanche networks to any token on the Moonriver network, and vice versa.

Impermax: An LP tokens lending services that brings leveraged yield farming for Solarbeam pairs. Moonriver yield farmers can now use their Solarbeam LPs as collateral on Impermax to leverage their LP positions and multiply the APR from their farming position.

RomeDAO: A decentralized, fiat-independent stablecoin built by the community.


Blocsport: A smart sports blockchain solutions provider that is going to deploy their sports NFTs on Moonriver to unify DeFi activities and NFTs.

Treasureland: A multi-chain NFT aggregation protocol and social platform that supports NFT mint, issuance, auction, and socialization.


Rabby: An open source crypto wallet in your browser for Ethereum. It is built and maintained by the DeBank team. Now MOVR holders can use Rabby like they normally would with MetaMask, to interact with DApps and other decentralized tools and services.


Synapse: A cross-chain layer protocol powering interoperability between blockchains. Cross-chain swaps can now be conducted in a single transaction, to & from any chain connected by the Synapse Network, in less than 3 minutes.


Zenlink: A unified and universal cross-chain DEX protocol which enables parachains to have DEX functionality and share liquidity with other parachains. Zenlink will be able to connect all DEX dApps on Polkadot including Moonbeam!

DODO: DODO is a next-generation DEX & liquidity aggregator powered by the Proactive Market Maker algorithm (PMM). The DODO PMM is an innovative DEX feature that helps traders have lower slippage compared to AMM-based DEXs.

Deployments Coming Soon to Moonbeam & Moonriver



dTrade: A Substrate powered DEX for perpetual swaps announced its parent platform Firefly’s deployment on Moonbeam

Minterest: A unique borrowing/lending protocol built by industry leaders to service the billions in Total Value Locked (TVL), in DeFi lending projects. Minterest will act as a magnet for attracting liquidity onto Moonbeam’s parachain.


Banksea: The decentralized AI-driven NFT Pool-based lending hub. This integration allows Moonbeam users to access an NFT valuation mechanism based on AI technology that provides an NFT pool-based lending solution.

Blockchain Monster Hunt: The world’s first multi-chain game that runs entirely on the blockchain itself. With the Moonbeam integration, Blockchain Monster Hunt will be able to support a strong parachain in the Polkadot ecosystem as well as with the existing compatibility for Ethereum.



Chainlink: This highly anticipated integration brings Chainlink’s market-leading oracle functionality to Moonriver, enabling developers to build smart contracts using any external data resource. Learn more about this integration.


Klever: An easy-to-use crypto trading interface with low rates and minimum limits.


RMRK: A system of NFT Legos which allows developers and designers to build composable, equippable, multi-resource NFTs. This allows Moonriver to work with RMRK NFT infrastructure, providing advanced features for Kusama NFT developers, creators, and collectors.


BePro: An Esports betting and crypto-casino protocol, is developing an implementation of their system on the Moonbeam Kusama and Polkadot networks, to allow entrepreneurs to launch blockchain betting apps with no coding required.


Connext: A crosschain liquidity network aids developers in building bridges and other natively crosschain apps and enables sending value and calling contracts across Ethereum-compatible chains and L2.

Moonbeam currently has over 70 integrations in its ecosystem. Learn more by visiting Moonbeam’s ecosystem page.

Moonbeam in the Media

We want to share with you some articles that were recently published and talk about Moonbeam, our purpose, and what is coming up next!

CryptoSlate | Moonbeam Wins Polkadot’s Second parachain Auction with $1.4 Billion Pledged

Coinspeaker| Moonbeam Wins Second Parachain Slot on Polkadot

CoinTelegraph | Polkadot Price Moves Higher as Parachain Auctions Reduce DOT’s Circulating Supply

Ambassador of the Month

A new monthly program to celebrate the outstanding contributions from our ambassador community


Andrei | Russian Moonbeam Community

“I have been a fan of the Polkadot ecosystem for a long time. When I first learned about Moonbeam, I immediately knew that I wanted to be part of the community. I contribute as ahead moderator and leader of the Russian community and enjoy working with crypto enthusiasts from all over the globe. I love graphic design, too, and make many Moonbeam-themed digital assets. I also created fun Telegram stickers and Discord emojis on the Moonbeam servers, and I am thrilled that they are popular amongst the community. I am proud that I am an ambassador of Moonbeam, as I have never seen such a close-knit, friendly community with such a strong foundation of ideas for a project! I carry my status as an ambassador with great pride.”

Join the Moonbeam Ambassador program and build the multi-chain future with us!
Apply to be an ambassador!

Upcoming Events

Here’s where you’ll find us speaking and demonstrating Moonbeam.

Moonbuilders Workshop: Universal Data Indexing on SubQuery – Dec. 1, Online

Join Kevin Neilson from the Moonbeam team and Scott Twiname, Senior Developer from SubQuery to discuss SubQuery’s universal data indexing and its new integration with Moonbeam!

CSCON1: Chainsafe Virtual Summit – Dec. 1, Online

Join Alberto Viera from the Moonbeam team as he speaks at the Chainsafe summit!

Building on Multichain: Everything you need to know – Dec. 2, Boston USA, and Online

Join Chainlink and Moonbeam as we explore the latest developments in blockchain and web3. Come learn what’s next for decentralization and why the future is multichain.

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