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Moonbeam is gearing up for the holiday season. Let’s recap November.

The New DeFi Era Begins with Native USDC on Moonbeam
Hello convenience! US dollar backed USDC is now natively minted on Polkadot and Moonbeam is the place to use it! Check it out in the dApp, and find where to use it.

Moonbeam Ignite Wrap Up 🧯
The Moonbeam Ignite programs are over, and they were blazing! Moonbeam and participating teams Gamma, BeamSwap, and Moonwell welcomed tens of thousands of interactions across blogs, tutorials, QuestN, Galxe, Airlyft and Zealy (👀 including 2000+ new users). That’s hot 🔥

📅 We rolled out a killer Content Calendar:

  • Week 1: Grants went live, baby!
  • Week 2: Tutorials dropped, vid-style.
  • Week 3: Cross-chain use-cases.
  • Week 4: The DOT Unlock.
  • Week 5: DeFi in the Bear: Tools & Tips from the Experts.

📢 Top News

The Lunar Gaming Festival is Back
The Moonbeam Lunar Gaming Festival is a community initiative brought to you by independent Collators and Games in the Moonriver and Moonbeam ecosystem – oh, and there is a prize pool. 🥇

The Evrloot event is wrapped, but you have until the end of December to participate (and work up a sweat) with Moonfit. And keep your eyes peeled for Zoombies coming soon 👀…

Treasury Council Elections Are Underway
The community is voting on SnapShot to choose Moonbeam Treasury Council members. This update further decentralizes the network governance with the longevity and sustainability of Moonbeam’s finances in mind. Get the details in the Community Forum.

Moonbeam Treasury Program Transparency Report
Active for nearly a year, MOVR and GLMR have been awarded by the Treasury to 20 applications with the decision making support of the community. Learn more about the program and read the report.

Moonbeam Core Contributor: Moonsong Labs
Joining Papermoon, Distractive, and OpsLayer, the launch of Moonsong Labs, underscores the decentralization efforts of the Moonbeam contributors. By decentralizing the work and activities related to the Moonbeam ecosystem, decision-making, development tasks, and responsibilities are distributed across a network of participants. ✌️

Moonsong Labs serves as a vital link, uniting innovative ideas with real-world, actionable solutions by developing software that empowers greater transparency, efficiency, and decentralization in human collaboration. This team is very familiar with Moonbeam and a vital contributor to the network!

🌐 Ecosystem Spotlight

The Moonbeam and Moonriver ecosystem continues to grow with 300+ live integrations across the Moonbeam and Moonriver networks! Let’s take a look at recent updates.

Binance Web3 Wallet integrated Moonbeam.

Transfero brings Brazilian Real pegged stablecoin BRZ to Moonbeam.

StellaSwap launched liquid DOT staking with stDOT on Moonbeam.

💜 Community

Did you know that you can get involved with Moonbeam on Zealy?


Ambassador of the Month
Introducing Vladimir Shulga from Russia.

“I’ve spent the last 2 years living in Indonesia. I think the first time when I heard about Moonbeam was March of 2021. And it was a post in telegram about the ambassador program. And I just think, why to not try something new?

My favorite experience as an ambassador there was a performance on stage. It is very exciting to tell people about smart contracts, the Moonbeam ecosystem, and the opportunities it provides. I think if you are in crypto, you should definitely try yourself as an ambassador. Whether it is Moonbeam or another company, just choose the one you like and in whom you believe.”

For questions about anything ambassador related contact Phil (@Phyn) on Discord or Telegram.

Are you following the new Moonbeam official community X account yet? Follow.

📰Moonbeam in the News

Messari State of Polkadot Q3 2023 Report
Polkadot is going strong and Moonbeam Routed Liquidity gets a shout-out for beginning new liquidity to the ecosystem as the most active parachain (again).

🍾Moonbeam Announcements

Zeitgeist ZTG Token and Prediction Markets Come to Moonbeam
Zeitgeist open prediction platform integrates with Moonbeam bringing new use cases and ZTG

Picasso’s PICA Token Comes to Moonriver with XCM Integration
Moonriver expands its DeFi offerings with Picasso’s financial services

How to Transfer DOT to Moonbeam
Polkadot crowdloan contributors have received their unlicked DOT. This tutorial shows you how to use it on Moonbeam!

Oh, the Places USDC Can Go
Get all the details for using Polkadot USDC on Moonbeam. Popular Moonbeam applications like Moonwell, FiDi, StellaSwap, and Gamma are all about USDC compatibility and ready to go!

🗓Highlighted Events

🔁 Replays:

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That’s it for this month! As always, you can keep in touch via Discord, Moonbeam Twitter, Moonriver Twitter, Telegram, and this newsletter.

– Moonbeam Team