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Summer has fired up the Moonbeam ecosystem with new exciting cross-chain integrations, network updates, and a new community-driven ecosystem grants process. This September, Moonbeam continues paving the way to unlock true interoperability with cross-chain connected contracts.

Top News


Community-Driven Ecosystem Grants Process Now Live on Moonbeam

The Moonbeam community voted in favor of a new community-driven process for issuing grants on the Moonbeam Network. This new initiative allows the Moonbeam community to submit applications and proposals for grant funding, discuss these proposals, and — for the most sizable grants — vote on them.

Native USDT is now on Moonbeam

Tether (USDT), a popular stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar, has expanded to Polkadot by launching as a natively minted stablecoin on Statemint, Polkadot’s “common good” parachain. Now USDT tokens can be used on Moonbeam as an XC-20, the same way DOT and other cross-chain assets can move across the Polkadot ecosystem.

Wormhole Bridge is Now Live

Wormhole, a decentralized message passing protocol, has integrated with Moonbeam. The collaboration between Wormhole and Moonbeam gives way to the message passing of assets and functionalities between Moonbeam and Ethereum, Solana, and more.

Ecosystem Spotlight

The Moonbeam and Moonriver ecosystem continues to grow with over 270+ live integrations in the Moonbeam and Moonriver networks! Let’s take a look at recent updates

  • Raresama, a community-centric NFT marketplace on Polkadot and Moonbeam, has recently launched on Moonbeam.
  • Cask is a decentralized non-custodial protocol for automating money flows. The recent integration enables DApps, NFT projects, and communities on Moonbeam to start accepting recurring crypto payments and contributions. Get started here.
  • Canary Network Agency, the newest GameFi protocol, has just hit the Moonbeam Ecosystem. Enter the world of programmatically generated secret agents fighting on the Moonbeam Network.

Ecosystem Projects News:

Introducing SCALE: Sustainable Chainlink Access for Layer 1 and 2 Enablement

Chainlink SCALE (Sustainable Chainlink Access for Layer 1 and 2 Enablement) is a program that aims to accelerate the growth of blockchain and layer-2 ecosystems while increasing economic sustainability. Moonbeam and Moonriver, next to other chains like Avalanche and Metis, are supporting the program by covering certain oracle network operating costs and furthering R&D that helps unlock more advanced oracle features and solutions on their chains.

The Wormhole Moonbeam Chain Explained

The Wormhole Chains series presents new chains added to the Wormhole Network. One of their most recent episodes highlights the Moonbeam Network.

⛓️ New Cross-Chain Integrations

  • Omnisea’s NFT Launchpad is now live on Moonbeam. This enables cross-chain minting between the Moonbeam blockchain and other networks supported by LayerZero and Axelar!
  • Astar, the Future of Smart Contracts on Multi-Chain, has connected with Moonbeam enabling ASTR to be deposited as xcASTR and used across the Moonbeam Ecosystem.


Ambassador of the Month

Let’s celebrate the outstanding contributions and talent from our ambassador community.


Julia, Senior Ambassador – CIS Region ??

“I’ve been a Moonbeam Ambassador for over a year, supporting the growth of the CIS region. In the Moonbeam Ambassador Program, I have acquired many community management skills that will be helpful in my career in Web3. I’m proud of being part of the Moonbeam project and supporting its growth by creating educational activities for the CIS Moonbeam community. For me, Moonbeam is more than a project and community. Moonbeam is a big family.”

I’m honored to be part of the Moonbeam Ambassador program and contribute to the growth of a project that is unlocking the multi-chain future.”

Join the Moonbeam Ambassador program and build the multi-chain future with us!

→ Apply to be an ambassador!

?Trends & Media

U Today | Polkadot Now Allows Tether (USDT) to Be Minted on Its Blockchain

Financial Express | Zircon Finance unveils mainnet framework to address challenges around DeFi

Forkast | Polkadot hosts first hackathon centered in Latin America

DEFIYIELD | Interview with Derek Yoo, CEO of PureStake and Moonbeam Founder


Here’s where you’ll find us speaking and demonstrating Moonbeam.

Highlighted Events

Illuminate 2022 by Moonbeam

Illuminate/22 brings together the Moonbeam community and larger ecosystem for an online festival to celebrate the incredible projects building multi-chain applications on Moonbeam and Moonriver. More information is coming soon. In the meantime, subscribe to the newsletter to receive the latest Moonbeam updates.

Polkadot Hackathon LATAM

Join Polkadot’s first hackathon in Latin America. Build cross-chain applications with Moonbeam and get a chance to earn up to $6,000 in bounties.

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