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Moonbeam Monthly Update - May 2024

Moonbeam Foundation

Jun 24, 2024

4 min read


Moonrise entails a New Era for Moonbeam 🌅

May marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Moonbeam with the launch of the "Moonrise" campaign - a pivotal shift across technology, branding, and vision. Let's dive into the highlights from this transformative month!


  • Moonrise: Rebrand & Expanded Product Roadmap
  • Fortifying Moonbeam with Protocol Enhancements
  • Explosive Community Activations

Moonrise Campaign

Moonbeam & Moonriver Rebrand

The Moonrise campaign ushered in a new look and vision for Moonbeam as a hub powering integrated web3 ecosystems. This fresh chapter was accompanied by an updated website and branding that reflects Moonbeam's evolution. Key elements included:

  • New sleek logomarks for Moonbeam and Moonriver
  • Immersive 3D visuals depicting multi-chain connectivity
  • Expanded bold color palette evoking energy and creativity
  • Custom typography system fusing modern and decorative styles
  • A revamped website with optimized navigation and interactivity

The rebrand articulates Moonbeam's mission to unite blockchain ecosystems through its pioneering technology and bold new identity poised to lead the integrated, multi-chain future.


2024 Product Roadmap

In addition to the rebrand design, Moonbeam Foundation expanded and published a detailed 2024 product roadmap outlining groundbreaking innovations across four key areas that are both in development and is to come:

  1. Core Protocol Enhancements: 6-second block times, 8x throughput increase, Ethereum upgrade compatibility
  2. New Ecosystem Integrations: Glacis, Tanssi, improved Ethereum integration
  3. Cutting-Edge Developer Tools: Governance tracks for dApps, Account Abstraction, expanded tooling

Frictionless User Experiences: zkAuth for Web2 authentication, optimized liquidity flows


Read more here!

Fortifying Moonbeam with Protocol Enhancements


In Q2, Moonbeam announced grant incentive updates optimized by data analytics firm Gauntlet. This fosters sustainable growth aligned with the ecosystem's needs. From dedicated channels to align necessary incentives and plans for long-term growth, the initiative ensures sustainable growth for Moonbeam’s ecosystem.

Runtime Upgrade 2901 brought 6-second block times and asynchronous backing to Moonbeam Alpha, following successful launches on Moonriver and Moonbase Alpha testnets. Developers can now build ultra-responsive dApps. RT3000, the next Runtime upgrade will see the blocktime improvements coming to Moonriver and Moonbeam.

Currently underway are integrations with Glacis and Tanssi which enable reliable cross-chain capabilities and streamlined appchain deployments.

Explosive Community Activations

The community was actively engaged through several events and activations. Moonbeam partnered with Chainlink for an informative speaker session at the Block Magic Hackathon. Cross-chain API provider Moralis also integrated Moonbeam support, expanding access for developers.

To engage the community around Moonrise, Moonbeam hosted a virtual speaker session featuring ecosystem partners like Moonsong Labs, Tanssi, and Glacis. Cross-chain Web3 API provider Moralis integrated Moonbeam. Existing ecosystem activations also continued, such as Odyssey Program Trials for the upcoming ambassador program and the ability to earn NFTs via Micro3's mint-to-earn platform.

The revitalized Moonbeam is charting an ambitious path to revolutionize web3 integration and accessibility. Stay tuned for more pioneering updates as this new era unfolds!

In the DeFi arena, a public analytics dashboard for top DEX StellaSwap was launched on Dune Analytics, providing transparency into key metrics like daily volumes and pool composition. Polkadex also debuted an "auto-swap" feature allowing users to begin trading using just GLMR.

Dune Analytics - Stellaswap

With Ethereum resuming its major upgrade schedule, Moonbeam will be keeping builders prepared by ensuring compatibility for the upcoming Dencun hard fork. These protocol-level advancements combined with flourishing ecosystem activations showcase Moonbeam's commitment to supporting its developers and community.


Moonbeam's recent campaign represents a transformative new era for the platform across technology, branding, and its overarching vision. The comprehensive rebrand establishes Moonbeam as the hub powering integrated web3 ecosystems through immersive new visuals and an optimized user experience. Moonbeam's expanded 2024 roadmap outlines ambitious innovations like 6-second block time and 8x throughout, cross-chain integrations, cutting-edge developer tools, and enhanced user onboarding.

While unveiling this future-focused identity, we continue to fortify the existing ecosystem through protocol enhancements, tokenomic optimizations with Gauntlet, and a hail of community activations. As Moonbeam charts an ambitious path toward revolutionizing Web3 accessibility and integration, we stay committed to empowering free-thinking builders and blockchain ecosystems.