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At Moonbeam, we have embarked on a mission to harness opportunities in emerging regions. Through strategic partnerships with innovative companies, cultural institutions, and forward-thinking organizations, we are unlocking the power of blockchain in Brazil. By bringing blockchain solutions to emerging markets such as Brazil, we aim to pave the way for sustainable growth and socio-economic development, ultimately contributing to the advancement of this region on a global scale. This article delves into Moonbeam’s recent achievements of tangible value in the region.

  • Moonbeam focused on driving blockchain adoption in Brazil and emerging regions
  • Integrated blockchain solutions into Brazilian culture and industries
  • Innovative partnerships spanning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (WJJC registered dozens of masters), Transfero, DUX, Grupo Rao (projects with Adriano Imperador and Enaldinho topped Polkadot NFT collections), and Tokeniza (tokenized $1M+ in judicial assets)
  • Transaction volume more than doubled, monthly active users tripled

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Initiative

The journey commenced in June 2023 with a strategic focus on Brazil. Moonbeam’s meticulous planning led to the initiation of several pivotal projects that embedded blockchain technology into the fabric of Brazilian culture and industry.

The first major project, launched in September 2023, was a collaboration with the World Jiu-Jitsu Certifier and W3block. In Jiu-Jitsu, it can be difficult for students to be assured of a school or teacher’s quality, and it’s also difficult for teachers to market themselves. The lack of transparency and trust in the marketplace is just what Moonbeam enables. The initiative aims to certify practitioners globally by leveraging Moonbeam’s capabilities and features.

Considering Brazil’s deep-rooted connection with Jiu-Jitsu, this project was not just a technological leap but a cultural homage, resonating with over 3 million practitioners worldwide. It introduced a global registration platform that certifies Jiu-Jitsu practitioners and instructors via blockchain technology, bringing unprecedented transparency and decentralization. Backed by Jiu-Jitsu legends like Kyra Gracie, Grandmaster Luiz Carlos Guedes, and Zé Mário Sperry, the platform replaced informal paper trails with immutable on-chain records of ranks and accomplishments.

Moonbeam’s Bridge to Brazil’s Financial Ecosystem: The Transfero Partnership

In October 2023, Moonbeam announced its partnership with Transfero, a Web3 fintech. This alliance facilitated the integration of PIX and other local financial solutions, reinforcing Moonbeam’s commitment to building a blockchain infrastructure tailored to the needs of Brazilians. This collaboration aimed to seamlessly integrate localized financial solutions, such as PIX and other regional payment rails, into Moonbeam’s ecosystem. A key milestone was the deployment of BRZ, a Brazilian Real-pegged stablecoin, onto Moonbeam as an XC-20 token. Facilitated by a Uniswap V3 liquidity pool, BRZ enables on-chain swapping and transfer of the Brazilian Real, unlocking new possibilities for cross-border transactions and decentralized finance (DeFi) participation. Transfero’s regulated crypto on-ramp, international debit card, and educational initiatives further empower Brazilians to access the crypto economy seamlessly.

Moonbeam Brings Web3 Loyalty to Brazil via DUX and Grupo RÃO Partnership

In November 2023, Moonbeam partnered with DUX, a Web3 infrastructure provider, and Grupo RÃO, Brazil’s largest Japanese food delivery service, to launch an innovative Web3-powered loyalty program. This partnership catalyzed diverse use cases, ranging from a loyalty program for Grupo Rao, a leading food chain, to community engagement campaigns featuring soccer star Adriano Imperador and Curta Hub, Latin America’s largest YouTube agency.

This collaboration represented one of the largest Web3 loyalty initiatives globally, onboarding Grupo RÃO’s approximately 1 million users to a cutting-edge digital engagement platform. Leveraging DUX’s smart wallet technology, the program introduced novel ways for Grupo RÃO to interact with its customer base, including revamped benefits, an exclusive subscription club, unique consumer experiences like winning digital collectibles, and ongoing perks like discounts and rewards. By harnessing Moonbeam’s cross-chain capabilities and developer-friendly EVM environment, DUX could seamlessly tap into Polkadot’s vibrant ecosystem while providing extensive support across Latin America.

Moonbeam Scores with Tero Labs and Enaldinho for Digital Soccer Collectibles

December 2023 marked an exciting partnership between Moonbeam, Tero Labs, and popular YouTube personality Enaldinho. At the intersection of sports and NFTs, Tero Labs had selected 11 up-and-coming Brazilian soccer stars for their inaugural “Rough Diamonds” digital collectible project on Moonbeam. By integrating Gotas, a leading community engagement platform, the collaboration aimed to create immersive experiences around these tokenized soccer talents for fans and collectors. The involvement of Enaldinho, a renowned Brazilian content creator with a massive following, brought significant visibility and engagement opportunities. This partnership represented Moonbeam’s foray into the world of digital sports collectibles while showcasing its ability to facilitate innovative, community-driven projects that amalgamate culture, technology, and fandom. With heavyweights from diverse domains united, this initiative injected fresh creative energy into Moonbeam’s ecosystem.

Moonbeam Unlocks Asset Tokenization in Brazil through Tokeniza Partnership

In January 2024, Moonbeam expanded its Brazilian portfolio by partnering with Tokeniza, a pioneering tokenization platform accredited by Brazil’s financial regulator CVM. This collaboration enabled the tokenization of judicial assets worth millions of dollars on Moonbeam’s blockchain. Tokeniza’s close collaboration with CVM allowed them to receive valuable feedback and adapt their tokenization model to meet evolving regulatory requirements. Rather than simply logging data on-chain, their revamped “Web3” approach leveraged Moonbeam to facilitate buying and trading tokenized assets using a regulated Brazilian Real stablecoin. This represented a major scaling opportunity, unlocking new use cases beyond transparency.

Tokeniza had already secured a partnership with Jequitiba, a leading judicial asset management firm, underscoring the immense potential. By providing a regulated and compliant on-ramp for tokenizing real-world assets like real estate, debt instruments, and agricultural commodities, Moonbeam and Tokeniza were at the vanguard of democratizing investment opportunities for the Brazilian population.

Aftermath Reflections of Brazil-focused Partnerships

Moonbeam’s groundbreaking initiatives in Brazil have yielded remarkable success, solidifying its position as a pioneer in driving blockchain adoption in emerging markets. The projects involving iconic figures like soccer star Adriano Imperador and YouTube sensation Enaldinho have risen to the top of the Polkadot ecosystem’s NFT collections, showcasing the immense potential for innovative collaborations that resonate with local communities. Tokeniza’s achievement in tokenizing its first $1 million in judicial assets and WJJC’s registration of dozens of Jiu-Jitsu masters represent significant milestones in their respective domains.

Moonbeam has witnessed a substantial increase in transaction volume, more than doubling, while its monthly active user base has tripled. This underlines the platform’s substantial growth and widespread adoption.


Moonbeam’s thriving journey in Brazil is a testament to the transformative power of blockchain technology and its ability to transcend boundaries, empower communities, and foster sustainable growth. Through strategic partnerships and culturally conscious initiatives, Moonbeam has expanded its footprint and catalyzed positive change for Brazil’s global recognition!