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We’ve just introduced an exciting new resource for our developer community through the opening of Moonbuilders Academy, Moonbeam’s first learning hub and educational platform for developers. This Academy has been designed for devs to learn how to build multi-chain applications on Moonbeam and Moonriver.

Moonbuilders Academy is an asynchronous learning suite of developer-focused courses. In the Academy, builders will be able to access a wide portfolio of high-quality content that includes an overview of Polkadot and Substrate, ecosystem tools, and interoperability features. Spaces are available by application for anyone wanting to learn to create, build, and test DApps on Moonbeam. The creation of Moonbuilders Academy is part of Moonbeam’s approach to Web3, which favors meaningful education and awareness, leading to wider adoption of the Web3 ecosystem.

The Moonbuilders course curriculum includes a welcome lesson to prepare participants with background knowledge about Substrate, Polkadot, and Moonbeam. There are eight lessons beginning with education about the ecosystem itself and moving toward the application of developer tools like Remix, Solidity, Truffle, and Hardhat. The course provides guided opportunities to test skills and experiment with Web 3 applications, including Ethers.js, price feeds, precompiles, and building a staking DAO. More content will be added soon to cover Moonbeam technology updates and new integrations in the ecosystem.

Moonbeam’s Ethereum-compatible and interoperable capabilities have rapidly made Moonbeam a destination for builders to easily create attractive user-facing applications. In Moonbuilders Academy, developers will learn how to build multiple DApps and gain access to Moonbeam’s developer community on Discord. Courses will be updated over time, and community feedback is welcomed.

Join the Moonbuilders Academy

Moonbuilders Academy is available at no cost, and content is available for both English and Chinese speakers. Program details and applications are available on the Moonbuilders Academy page, and registration is now officially open.

The Moonbeam team will host an opening ceremony to walk you through the Moonbuilders platform. Devs can also join the weekly Dev Open Mic sessions in Discord to connect with the Moonbeam team and builders in the community.