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Moonbeans’ Galactic Bean Co is a fully functional NFT marketplace launched on Moonriver on October 8th 2021. The Galactic Trading Co allows clients to mint, purchase, and bid on a number of NFT collections through a single platform powered by the Moonriver network.

Artists, developers, collectors, and gamers can enjoy the thriving community on Moonriver and Moonbeam for all their NFT needs thanks to extensive standards support, interoperability, and integrations.

NFTs Are Thriving on Moonriver and Moonbeam

With more than a dozen NFT-specific projects already deployed, the NFT scene on Moonriver and Moonbeam is flourishing. Projects and DApps including NFT-geared DEXs, marketplaces, storage, gaming, bridges, and more are available for use with MOVR and GLMR as native tokens.

Moonbeans founder, Miami, explains that it was an easy choice to build on Moonriver’s robust ecosystem. “The future is multi-chain and we want to use our skills to build out the ecosystem at the forefront of multi-chain. That means using Moonriver and Moonbeam and their tokens MOVR and GLMR on Dotsama.”

Moonbeans and Moonsama were first to launch on Moonriver. Additional projects like Damned Pirates Society, Seascape, and Treasureland soon followed.

A unique and diverse community affords Moonriver and Moonbeam the largest variety of projects and DApps in the space. Variety means a selection of art and utility NFTs, plus many ways to engage with them.

Moonriver is home to the largest and most active community of projects and users on Kusama. Moonbeans is currently on Moonriver and plans to deploy on Moonbeam in the near future.

Supporting NFT Standards and Interoperability

Moonriver and Moonbeam natively support the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards, which make the ecosystem the best destination for Ethereum-compatible NFTs. Supporting these popular NFT standards gives collectors flexibility when purchasing and holding NFTs.

As blockchain technology develops and the NFT space grows, interoperability is an asset. Moonriver supports ERC-721 NFT bridging with Ethereum, soon enabling users to move NFTs quickly and efficiently using an NFT bridge. The rise of blockchain gaming provides a use case for the seamless movement of NFTs across ecosystems.


The Moonbeans NFT platform, Moonbeans Galactic Trading Co, is the place to be in NFTs! Moonbeans is an all-in-one NFT marketplace making waves on Moonriver. And don’t worry, it’s organic, extraterrestrially sourced, and alien cruelty-free. The platform features frictionless bonuses automatically rewarded to BEANS holders, customizable options, and a fully functional community DAO. By last count, it’s the largest (and tastiest!) NFT marketplace on Moonriver, with 49 live collections, including Beanies and The Damned Pirates Society.


Founder, CEO, and UX/UI engineer Miami describes Moonbeans as an art-driven marketplace with an emphasis on community. “We at Beans believe that healthy competition drives innovation. I think the fact Moonbeans supports ERC-721s and will soon support ERC-1155s and has a strong incentive model secures its place in the competitive market.”

Moonbeans uses MOVR as its native currency. It’s the first marketplace of its kind on Moonriver with the ability to list uniquely tailored collections. Moonbeans is dedicated to being the NFT hub of Moonriver, with rewards shared with all bean lovers as an added bonus.

BEANS Community Focus

Moonbeans is all about community and proves it by rewarding members in multiple ways. BEANS, Moonbeans primary token, can be swapped for MOVR or GLMR on six exchanges, including Solarbeam, Huckleberry, SushiSwap, MoonSwap, Freeriver, and Beamswap.

As an artist-focused platform, Miami explains that collection owners get to decide on an additional 0-10% slice of the Galactic Trading Co sales for their collection. “Artists getting royalties is the biggest draw right now, also there is a support team through the whole process and, coming soon, an easy wizard for minting.”

BEANS holders can vote on smart-contract decisions via Moonbeans’ fully functioning DAO, but every user holding 50 or more BEANS also gets a share of Moonbeans, making BEANS holders true stakeholders in the project.

The tokenomics of Moonbeans is unique in that there is a tax on every $BEANS transaction. This sustainable functionality sets this marketplace apart as a place for NFT enthusiasts and directly benefits community members. The tax is broken down to fund the staking rewards program, maintain liquidity, and market the NFT collections. Holding at least 50 BEANS means 2% of the tax charged on every transaction on the site puts a little BEANS back into the holder’s pocket (well, wallet).

Growing The Moonbeans Beanstalk to the Moon

Moonbeans started the year strong. Since January 2022, the number of trades, volume, number of collections, Beanie average sale price, and Beanie floor price are on the rise. Moonriver’s largest NFT platform is still growing.

As of this writing, Moonbeans is in the “nurture and propagation phase.” Available on a number of chains including Polkadot and Kusama, and soon on Ethereum, and Cronos, the Galactic Trading Co marketplace has already reached an all-time volume of almost 9,000 MOVR in over 18,000 listings. The multi-chain Moonbeans MOVR/GLMR bridge is live to get your NFTs where they need to go on Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Moonriver, and Fantom. Right now, 47 trading collections are listed.

As the NFT space booms, creativity and innovation take a front seat. Moonbeans has a lot to offer Moonriver and Moonbeam users, and the opportunities keep on growing. Learn more about Moonbeans on its website, and meet Miami on Moonbeam Universe.