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Recapping Moonrise: Moonbeam’s Transformative Campaign

Moonbeam Foundation

Jun 24, 2024

3 min read


Recent months have been transformative for the Moonbeam ecosystem, with our Moonrise campaign elevating Moonbeam’s product, ecosystem, and brand. Moonrise embodies our vision of an integrated Web3 ecosystem empowering builders with seamless cross-chain development tools. Beyond integration and interoperability, we began several key initiatives that advance Moonbeam. Let’s recap some of these!
Elevating Moonbeam Technology

At the heart of Moonrise were groundbreaking protocol upgrades that significantly enhanced Moonbeam’s performance and scalability.

  • With asynchronous backing, we achieved 6-second block times (which goes live on Moonriver on June 24th and Moonbeam on July 8th via RT3000). Following this, runtimes 3100 and 3200 will complete the effort to increase overall throughput by 800% on Mooriver and Moonbeam, respectively.
  • Moonbeam now supports the Ethereum's Dencun upgrade.
  • We expanded on strategies to integrate with Tenderly, Hardhat, Foundry, and infrastructure for Web2 login to streamline the developer lifecycle.

Integrations and Alliances

We made strategic integrations and alliances to optimize governance mechanisms, tokenomic incentives, and user experiences.

  • Our collaboration with Gauntlet introduced grant incentives for sustainable growth.
  • A strategic plan for Moonbeam Routed Liquidity MRL UX improvements, dApp support, and embeddable widgets was made to enable seamless liquidity bridging between Ethereum and Parachains.

Elevating Moonbeam’s Ecosystem

Empowering builders remains a core focus of Moonrise.

  • We introduced the plan for governance tracks strategy enabling developers to create custom on-chain governance for dApps.
  • Support for Account Abstraction unlocks advanced account management capabilities.
  • Our Zero Knowledge zkAuth initiative leverages cutting-edge cryptography for Web2 authentication within Web3 applications, which is part of enabling frictionless Web3 user experiences.
  • Strategies for enhanced UX of our Routed Liquidity protocol and solutions to streamline stablecoin flows and access to Polkadot assets for late 2024.

Moonbeam Innovation Fund

Our $10M Innovation Fund is a testament that our builders are the heart of Moonbeam. It incentivizes ecosystem growth across gaming and real-world assets (RWAs), with N3MUS being the fund's first investment in pioneering mainstream Web3 gaming. An additional $3M in grants bolstered our broader ecosystem and Moonriver.

Listen in on the X spaces for more!

Elevating Moonbeam’s Brand

Finally, Moonbeam underwent a comprehensive rebrand that reflects the vision for Moonbeam as the interoperable hub for Web3. This included new logos, immersive 3D visuals, an expanded color palette, and unique typography fusing different styles.

Moonrise represents our transformation to become the leading integrated Web3 platform. While we achieved major milestones, the Moonrise campaign continues evolving Moonbeam into the premier destination for free-thinking builders daring to reshape decentralized reality.

Learn more on our X Spaces “Moonrise on Moonbeam” with the Moonbeam Foundation.