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Transak Integration Enables Direct Transfers of MOVR and GLMR via Debit/Credit Cards

Oct 1, 2021

2 min read

The Moonbeam Foundation is pleased to announce its collaboration with Transak. Now, eligible users will be able to easily purchase MOVR tokens (and GLMR tokens once the Moonbeam Network is launched) by using their debit or credit cards and initiating a transfer to their address. This will be available on the Transak website, as well as through DApps building on Moonriver.

Transak’s fiat on-ramp solution will dramatically enhance the end-user UX of engaging with the projects building on Moonriver and soon Moonbeam. Currently, if a user wants to interact with a Moonriver-based DApp, they have to go through many steps to get MOVR into their Web3 application/MetaMask wallet. With Transak, DApp and protocol developers will now have the ability to integrate MOVR (and eventually GLMR) purchases directly into their apps and onboarding flows, reducing the friction for new users in hopes that it will be in every wallet, NFT project, and DeFi protocol seeking a MOVR fiat on-ramp solution in their front-end. 

Aaron Evans, Director of the Moonbeam Foundation, explains, “Web3 applications will change the way that financial applications are created and consumed, but end-user UX still remains a big challenge to broader end-user adoption. The integration with Transak provides Moonriver and Moonbeam developers the ability to streamline the user onboarding flows into their applications. This will help teams onboard new users more quickly and efficiently in the ecosystem.”

The Moonbeam Foundation has initiated a campaign with Transak to subsidize $10,000 worth of fees to support early adoption. This means users will be able to purchase MOVR on the Transak platform with zero fees (until the $10K subsidy is exhausted).

Start using Transak and obtain MOVR with your debit/credit card with no fees here.

Learn how to integrate Transak to your DApp on Moonriver here.