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Tokenization and Real World Assets (RWA) represent a monumental shift in the digitization of the global economy, bridging the tangible and the digital. With the RWA market projected to reach as high as $10 trillion, its integration into the blockchain brings a new era where accessibility, liquidity, and asset automation become not just possible but commonplace. Moonbeam has begun to tap into RWA and tokenization’s disruptive potential, revolutionizing how we interact with the global economy.

Demystifying RWAs

Real estate, commodities, and intellectual property are integral to the global economy. In Web3, they are called “Real World Assets” because of their tangibility or connection to the traditional financial system. When RWAs become tradable onchain, what’s traded are digital representations of the assets stored on or verified by the blockchain. Creating a digital representation of an asset is called “tokenization.”

Despite the importance and relevance of RWAs, they suffer from a lack of accessibility, transaction costs, management hurdles, and more, all solved by blockchain technology and tokenization.

This process transforms these assets into digital tokens that can be easily traded, managed, and integrated into decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystems, offering enhanced liquidity, accessibility, and opportunities for investors and asset owners. The onchain tokenization of RWAs can unlock trillions of dollars in value for blockchain networks and is central to Moonbeam’s development roadmap.

RWAs’ Potential on Moonbeam // Setting a Foundation for RWA Projects to Thrive

Moonbeam offers a unique and powerful platform for tokenizing RWAs onchain. Being built with the Substrate framework while compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), Moonbeam presents a robust developer environment for RWA innovation and tokenization.

Key Features Facilitating RWA Integration on Moonbeam:

  • Substrate Framework: The Substrate ecosystem allows developers to create custom apps tailored to distinct needs
  • Parachain: As a Polkadot Parachain, Moonbeam becomes interoperable with the greater Polkadot ecosystem, inheriting its security and powerful technical upgrades
  • EVM Compatibility: By supporting the EVM, Moonbeam makes it easy for developers to deploy existing Ethereum-based contracts, standards, and dApps on its platform without the need for significant modifications, lowering the barrier to entry for Ethereum developers and projects looking to explore RWA tokenization
  • Cross-Chain Integration: Moonbeam’s integration with cross-chain messaging protocols like XCM and MRL allows for seamless asset transfers and interoperability between Moonbeam and other blockchains, broadening the scope for RWA tokenization and utilization across different ecosystems
  • Parallelization and Scalability: The platform’s architecture supports parallel transaction processing, significantly enhancing throughput and efficiency, satisfying RWA projects’ needs for high transaction volumes and real-time asset management

RWA Projects Building on Moonbeam Today

Moonbeam has become a hub for RWA projects, leveraging its sophisticated features to create a fertile ground for innovation and development. Two notable projects exemplify the platform’s capabilities in unlocking the potential of RWAs, Transfero and Tokeniza.

Transfero: Fostering Financial Inclusion with BRZ

Transfero Group is pivotal in bridging the Brazilian economy with the global blockchain ecosystem. Its flagship project, BRZ, a stablecoin pegged to the Brazilian Real, has launched on Moonbeam, showcasing the platform’s ability to support financial instruments that enhance market liquidity and accessibility. This initiative facilitates seamless cross-border transactions and integrates the Brazilian market with DeFi, expanding the use cases for RWAs.

Tokeniza: Democratizing Investment through Tokenization

Tokeniza is a visionary platform on Moonbeam focused on tokenizing a diverse range of assets, including real estate, debt instruments, and startups. This project exemplifies how Moonbeam’s features cater to the needs of RWA tokenization, offering a regulated, scalable, and efficient framework for democratizing investment. By working closely with regulatory bodies and leveraging Moonbeam’s cross-chain capabilities, Tokeniza hopes to unlock profound value in the tokenization of assets, making investments accessible to a broader audience.


With its Substrate foundation and EVM compatibility, Moonbeam’s innovative blockchain platform offers an ideal ecosystem for developing and deploying RWA projects. From financial instruments like $BRZ by Transfero to the broad asset tokenization enabled by Tokeniza, Moonbeam is just starting to tap into the massive RWA revolution.