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$13M in Funding Fueling Ecosystem Growth for Gaming, RWAs and Moonriver

Moonbeam Foundation

Jun 12, 2024

4 min read

$13M investment in Gaming, RWA and Moonriver

The Moonbeam Innovation Fund and Moonbeam grants are live: Apply now.


  • Announcing the $10M innovation fund to advance key areas, including gaming, real-world assets (RWAs), and the Moonriver canary network.
  • First investment in N3MUS building a gaming ecosystem on Moonbeam.
  • Allocating $1.5M for Moonbeam ecosystem grants and $1.5M for Moonriver grants.
  • The Innovation Fund is part of the new Moonrise initiative, which aims to make Moonbeam the leading integrated Web3 platform.

We’re excited to announce the $10M Moonbeam Innovation Fund, which will drive growth across our ecosystem as part of our transformative Moonrise initiative. The fund has already made its first investment in N3MUS, a gaming platform dedicated to innovating on Moonbeam. The fund will accelerate important blockchain real-world use cases such as gaming and RWA and empower meaningful change.

Designed to support visionary projects and builders at the forefront of Web3 development, the fund is complemented by $1.5 million for Moonbeam ecosystem grants and $1.5 million for Moonriver grants.

Earlier, we saw the Moonrise campaign introduce a rebrand and a comprehensive product roadmap, today we announce yet another initiative that ensures we can provide comprehensive resources to other ecosystem participants making the collective vision of integrated Web3 a reality.

Investing in Gaming, RWAs and Moonriver

The innovation fund is set to advance critical use cases such as gaming and real-world assets (RWAs). Additionally, the Moonriver network will see investments via grants. All in all, these investments include:

  • $10 million to support projects innovative Moonbeam builders.
  • $1.5 million in grants for the broader Moonbeam ecosystem, focusing on RWA tokenization, DeFi, and infrastructure development.
  • $1.5 million in grants to foster growth and experimentation on Moonriver, our canary network.
  • Recipients get access to our network of VCs: Arrington Capital, CoinFund, Scytale Digital, Metazero Capital, AD8 Dot Play, and more.
  • Unparalleled support from the Moonbeam Foundation.

Powering the Future of Web3 Gaming

The first investment from our Innovation Fund is N3MUS, a pioneering company aiming to make Web3 gaming more mainstream by seamlessly incorporating blockchain technology into traditional gaming experiences.

Within this collaboration, N3MUS will lead the establishment of a vibrant gaming ecosystem on Moonbeam. They will bring in more games, grow the number of gamers, and enhance gamer retention strategies.

"We are honored to be the first investment from the Moonbeam Innovation Fund," said Neal Peters, CEO of N3MUS.

"This partnership marks a significant milestone in our journey to bridge the gap between traditional gaming and blockchain technology. Moonbeam provides the perfect foundation for us to create a thriving gaming ecosystem, and we are committed to bringing high-quality games to the platform while working closely with existing game developers. Together, we will drive the future of gaming on Moonbeam, attracting and retaining gamers while bringing Web3 gaming into the mainstream."

N3MUS has created a platform that connects traditional gaming with Web3 gaming successfully; thereby bringing it closer to everyone’s reach. By integrating smart wallet capability and collaborating with trusted providers, N3MUS makes using cryptocurrencies easier for players. Over 140 games are featured on the platform, which also provides growth tools for 180 gaming studios while serving over 1 million monthly players. Furthermore, strategic partnerships together with experienced advisors strengthen N3MUS's position within Web3 Gaming Ecosystems.

The Future is on Moonbeam

With N3mus as its first investment, the fund has already kicked off its journey of expanding the Moonbeam ecosystem. While the fund is a long-term initiative, it’s set to steadily incentivize growth and nurture the applications that can provide value to the world and our users.

Are you building in Web3? Get investment and support through the Innovation Fund as well as Moonbeam grants.

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