Good news: if you contributed to the Moonriver crowdloan through the Moonbeam Foundation DApp, then you can add your email address to the Take Flight whitelist through the same DApp. For more information about the different rounds, please visit Moonbeam Take Flight. If you have any questions or need help please contact

Please follow the instructions below.

Please go to the DApp home page and follow these instructions:

1: Click “Start”

Review your moonriver crowdloan contribution

2: Click “Connect Polkadot.js”

connection to polkadot.js

3: Click the dropdown bar to select your Kusama account, and then click “Continue”

Kusama Account

4: Click “Submit Email”

Contribution details

5: If you agree to the terms listed, check the checkbox and enter email

submit email address for whitelist

6: You will need to enter your password for Polkadot{.js} account and click “sign the message” to verify ownership

Kusama address

7: You should then see this message confirming your email is being submitted


8: When the email is successfully submitted a confirmation is displayed


That’s it; you’re done. There is no transaction to the blockchain and no fee. If you have any issues, please reach out to us at


Once you submit your email, you will receive an email from within the next seven (7) days with detailed information on how to register and complete identity verification for the event.