Update: the bot is now closed and is no longer accepting new submissions.

Good news! If you are a member of the Moonbeam Discord server as of August 13, 2021 at 12:00pm UTC, you will be able to add your email address to the Take Flight whitelist. New members who join the Moonbeam Discord channel after this date and time will still be eligible to submit their email for the whitelist, but will not participate in the event until Round Three. For more information about the different rounds, please visit Moonbeam Take Flight.

To register your email through the Moonbeam Discord server, type “/takeflight” in any public channel. Select the “/takeflight” slash command from the pop-up.

Telegram whitelist bot

This will initiate an embedded conversation with the TakeFlightWhitelist bot that is only visible to you. The TakeFlightWhitelist bot will provide you with some important information that must be read carefully.

Telegram bot whitelist description

After you’ve gone through the information, type and select the “/submitemail” slash command. Next, You’ll be prompted to enter the email address you wish to add to the whitelist (for example myemail@domain.com).

Telegram Bot Take Flight

The bot will confirm it has received your email address. You will then receive an email from takeflight@moonbeam.foundation within the next seven (7) days with detailed information on registering and completing identity verification for the event.

Take Flight Whitelist Telegram