Good news! For those who have kept their Moonbeam PolkaPet from earlier this year, you are able to join the Take Flight community event. As long as you own a Moonbeam PolkaPet as of August 13, 2021, at 12:00pm UTC (block number 13016689 on Ethereum MainNet), you can submit your email for the whitelist.

This guide will take you through the process of how you can use the PolkaPet Whitelist DApp to verify your ownership of the Moonbeam PolkaPet NFT and add your email address to the whitelist.

First, in the main page of the dApp, connect your MetaMask wallet by clicking on the “Connect and Check” button. Make sure you have MetaMask connected to Ethereum MainNet.

Polkapet Whitelist

A MetaMask popup will appear asking you to allow the DApp to connect to MetaMask. Make sure you select the account where the Moonbeam PolkaPet is held.

Connect to Metamask Connect to Metamask

If you have MetaMask connected to Ethereum MainNet, the DApp will automatically check if you were a Moonbeam PolkaPet owner as of block 13016689. If so, you’ll be prompted to submit the email address you wish to add to the whitelist (for example

Metamask Signature Request

Once you submit your email, it will be included on the whitelist.

You will receive an email within the next seven (7) days from with detailed information on how to register and complete identity verification for the event.