Governance Program

Contribute to the Future of the Network

Become part of the Moonbeam narrative by discussing and voting on community proposals.

The Moonbeam governance framework is designed to unite the Moonbeam Network, community, and ecosystem to discuss and vote for the network’s most pressing proposals. Whether it’s to get community feedback on an initial idea, a feature you would like to see on Moonbeam, or a grant funding request, the community forum is the place to bring your ideas to the community and kick off the governance process.

Note: Treasury proposals and Ecosystem Grant proposals, must follow the community-approved process, which starts with Community Forum Discussion and feedback from the Treasury Council and Grant Committee, respectively.

Join the Discussion Forum

Discuss the latest treasury proposals and grant proposals and sonnect with the community on the Moonbeam Forum.

Submit a Proposal

Make an impact on Moonbeam or Moonriver by submitting a democracy proposal for community vote. Anyone in the community can submit democracy proposals, treasury proposals, or grant applications.

How to Submit a Treasury Proposal

How to Apply for a Grant

Voting on Proposals

Start voting on proposals! Moonbeam Community members can either vote on a proposal through Polkadot.js or Polkassembly using MetaMask, or any other MetaMask-enabled wallet.

Vote on Moonbeam via Polkadot.js or Polkassembly

Vote on Moonriver via Polkadot.js or Polkassembly

How & Where to Vote

Community members play a key role in the governance process. Discussions start on the Moonbeam Forum before moving to the voting stage. In addition to participating in community discussions and proposal ideation, community members can participate in governance by voting. There are a few ways for community members to vote on democracy proposals.



Polkadot.js Web Application

Ledger or Trezor
Polkadot.js Extension
Go to Snapshot
Go to Polkassembly
Go to Polkadot.js


On either platform, community members will need GLMR to vote on referenda.
Comments can be submitted for discussion without GLMR.

Current Treasury Council

The Treasury Council is composed of five community-nominated and approved community members whose responsibility is to control treasury spending. Treasury Council members have been nominated and approved by the Moonbeam Community as part of the Interim Treasury Program Proposal in October 2022.

The Moonbeam Treasury was pre-funded at the network launch with 0.5% of the token supply and has since been accumulating GLMR from an approximate 20% portion of transaction fees. The Moonbeam Treasury funds are held on-chain and reserved for helping fund projects that maintain and further the growth of the Moonbeam Network.

The Community Treasury Council consists of two members from the Moonbeam Foundation and three community members who are not serving a role at the Moonbeam Foundation but understand the priorities of the program and serve to help facilitate the growth of the ecosystem.

The Treasury Council members will provide feedback to the Draft Treasury Proposal in the Community Forum via their individual discourse handles. Once a Draft Treasury Proposal has the support of at least three Treasury Council members in the Community Forum, the proposal may then be submitted as a Treasury Proposal on-chain using Polkassembly or Polkadot.js. The Treasury Council members will vote on the proposal with their addresses listed at right.

Current Committee Members:

Aaron Evans, Moonbeam Foundation

  • Address: 0xe5169beb6241eb54813d082f643c179809f60a2f
  • Discord: Aaron.mbf#9470

Lina K., Moonbeam Foundation

  • Address: 0x09BC6B72CbAcd68f1c52E25585BE753d9F5384B2
  • Discord: lina.k.m

Michele Amurri, Moonbeam community member

  • Address: 0xB969639e3Cbf1e5a1d753efb2be09De4f34001f7
  • Discord: micheleicebergnodes

Yaron Zimmermann, Moonbeam community member

  • Address: 0x41D4B02022165Fcd47b4E0F64Aa41eEF9ef1da38
  • Discord: _yrn_

Simon Kraus, Moonbeam community member

  • Address: 0x4138574878c133d3A12009d6F54B8F26De700834
  • Discord: dev0_sik

Current Committee Members:

Sicco Naets, Moonbeam Foundation community member

  • Discord: Sicco-moonbeam#3637

Thiago Castroneves, Moonbeam Foundation community member

  • Discord: Tneves#3377

Jim Farley, non-Moonbeam Foundation community member

  • Discord: CertHum#8065

Natalia Kovtun, non-Moonbeam Foundation community member

  • Discord: Natalia K.#8388

Ismael Bautista, non-Moonbeam Foundation community member

  • Discord: isma

Current Grants Committee

The grants program is designed to support many kinds of projects in the ecosystem and help establish Moonbeam as the premier destination for cross-chain connected applications. The Community Grants Committee is made up of three community members and two Moonbeam Foundation members who are charged with reviewing incoming grants applications, evaluating their merit and overall contribution to the ecosystem. Committee Members were approved as part of the Grants Program Proposal in March 2023.

Note: any grant proposals not submitted by this address are invalid.

The Community Grants Committee will use the following addresses in relation to Ecosystem grants:
Multisig for Receipt of Bonds: 0xbECe7b5a45f835A7bA8c02F35CdAc1B6d4949412
Address for Publishing Proposals for Voting: 0xe6Be7838615e12F89816A5Fa32879Bc36C419033

Governance Tutorials and Resources

Learn more about governance and discussions on Moonbeam by diving into the Moonbeam docs, announcements, and blogs.

About the Moonbeam Community Forum

When a community member has a new idea for a Treasury proposal, the first step they’ll need to take before submitting a formal on-chain proposal is to post their idea on the Moonbeam Community Forum.

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How to Propose an Action

This guide outlines the process of how to create a proposal. The steps will go from its creation until it reaches public referenda.

How to Vote on a Proposal

This guide outlines how to vote on a proposal that has reached a public referendum.

How to Participate in Moonbeam Governance with Polkassembly

In this tutorial, we’ll go through the steps of voting on Polkassembly with MetaMask from start to finish. You’ll learn how to sign up for Polkassembly, vote on active referenda, and free up any funds locked in democracy.