Community Approved Moonbeam Level Three Grant Recipients

Community-Approved Level Three Grants

About Level Three Grants

This list of grant recipients was updated on December 5, 2022

The Moonbeam Foundation Grants Program is a multi-level structure aimed to support projects bootstrapping the Moonbeam Ecosystem.

Projects in the Moonbeam ecosystem have received grants to support its development in broad scope, including the development of applications, infrastructure, tooling, and education programs, as well as project initiatives that bootstrap activity, adoption, and overall growth of Moonbeam. The Moonbeam Foundation level three grants are specific to projects looking to provide services and functionalities to bootstrap the Moonbeam and Moonriver Ecosystem. Two major projects were approved by the Moonbeam Community and awarded this grant in the fall of 2022. As outlined in the proposals, by first building a solid foundation of activity and liquidity in DeFi primitives such as Moonbeam and Stellaswap, the Moonbeam ecosystem can better attract and support developers to build additional DeFi protocols that layer on top of the base DeFi primitives.

Fall 2022 Approved Grants


StellaSwap, an integrated trading protocol and AMM, is keen to jumpstart the growth of the Moonbeam Ecosystem by attracting liquidity to foster a conducive and robust trading marketplace. The StellaSwap Level 3 grant was passed on October 8 with 744 votes, with 584 votes in favor of the proposal and 158 votes against. The ecosystem grant will be used to deepen the market depth of strategic assets for widespread utility across the ecosystem, with Wormhole as the main bridge for strategic assets.


Moonwell is an open lending and borrowing platform built on Moonbeam and Moonriver. The Moonwell level 3 grant was passed on October 8 with 444 votes, 408 votes in favor of the proposal, and 36 votes against it. Moonwell is using this level 3 grant to foster the Moonbeam ecosystem by creating a solid foundation of liquidity that developers can build new Dapps on top of, enabling the connected contract future that the Moonbeam Community envisions.