Ecosystem Grant Recipients

This list of recipients was updated on April 4, 2023

About Ecosystem Grants

The Moonbeam Foundation Grants Program is a funding structure designed to help establish Moonbeam as the premier destination for cross-chain applications.

Ecosystem Grants are for projects looking to provide services and functionalities that help bootstrap the Moonbeam and Moonriver ecosystems. These proposals are first submitted for discussion to the Moonbeam Community Forum, and then approved by the community following a Snapshot Vote and on-chain vote. Grant amounts can be up to 2M GLMR per team per tranche.

Spring 2023 Ecosystem Grants – Tranche One

This round of Ecosystem Grants were first voted upon using a Snapshot Vote, which determined how much each proposal would receive. The proposals that received the minimum level of support were then ratified through an on-chain governance vote.


Beamswap is a leading Moonbeam-based DEX and an ample DeFi hub powered by both standard and stable AMM, providing liquidity for peer-to-peer transactions. The Beamswap grant proposal is intended to increase market liquidity for Beamswap’s newest products, Beamex, a decentralized perpetual exchange, and concentrated liquidity AMM, leading to a stronger influx of active users to the Moonbeam network and their long-term retention.

DAM Finance

DAM Finance is a liquidity infrastructure enabling the seamless teleportation of value between blockchains, starting with d2o, an omnichain, native stablecoin that is backed 1:1 with native USDC on Ethereum. The team’s grant will be used to create a concentrated liquidity pool in order to maximize the impact of DAM’s existing and pipeline of partnerships. The grant is designed to help accelerate the vision of DAM becoming the leading stablecoin project within Polkadot.

Prime Protocol

Prime Protocol is an xApp/Connected Contract which allows users to borrow across chains backed by their entire portfolio of cross chain assets. The protocol uses Moonbeam as a hub to allow users to deposit assets from any chain supported on the platform, and borrow assets from any other chain on the platform based on their overall account value. The Prime Protocol grant will be used to create liquidity programs on Moonbeam to encourage healthy use of the protocol.


StellaSwap is a hybrid DEX that features a standard, stable and concentrated liquidity AMM to facilitate the price discovery for assets on Moonbeam. As the largest DEX and an integrated DeFi gateway, users can tap on a comprehensive list of features that simplifies their DeFi experience. The grant will be used for liquidity programs on both Pulsar & stable AMM to deepen liquidity.

Fall 2022 Ecosystem Grants


Moonwell is an open lending and borrowing platform built on Moonbeam and Moonriver. The Moonwell grant was passed on October 8 with 444 votes, 408 votes in favor of the proposal, and 36 votes against it. Moonwell proposed to use this grant to foster the Moonbeam ecosystem by creating a solid foundation of liquidity that developers can build new DApps on top of, helping pave the way for a tightly connected cross-chain ecosystem.


StellaSwap is an integrated trading protocol and AMM. Their grant proposal is intended to jumpstart the growth of the Moonbeam ecosystem by attracting liquidity to foster a conducive and robust trading marketplace. The StellaSwap grant was passed on October 8 with 744 votes, with 584 votes in favor of the proposal and 158 votes against. The ecosystem grant will be used to deepen the market depth of strategic assets for widespread utility across the ecosystem, with Wormhole as the main bridge for strategic assets.